Hair Extension Packaging Boxes – Latest Boxes for Your Virgin Extensions

hair extension packaging boxes

There are many hair extensions available in the market some are artificial hairs, some are human hair but not pure and are treated using the medicine and other materials. The most used and on-demand hair extensions are the new hair extensions. Virgin hairs are pure human hairs and are not treated and are in their original form. These are collected from a single donor or a combination of multiple donors. The donor can be American, Asian, Brazilian, or from any other country. Virgin hairs are gathered and processed carefully in hair extension packaging so that these don’t lose their natural effect and feel.

Virgin Hair extensions these days are used quite extensively and is a fashion trend these days. Every woman needs a separate extension for each function. Packaging for hair extensions is very important. The Hair extension packaging should be produced in a way that the internal product is evident as well as real so that buyers can see and feel the product before they buy it. Below are a few of the processes that are necessary for an ultimate box packaging for virgin extensions.

Packaging Idea

Virgin hairs are Remy’s hairs and are not fixed by the dye, perms, or any other processing. The packaging of these extensions should be done in a way that these boxes recognize the product inside. Below are the factors that help to create the latest boxes for hair extensions.

Long Window

There should be a large window on the front of the box with or without a cello window so that hair extensions from the outside are apparent.

Proper Insertion

There should be a proper insertion to set inside the box. This insertion insistence holds the extensions in its spot.

Color Selection and Designing

The color selection of the packaging should be according to your business logo and colors. Usually, it is recognized that hair extension packaging should have black color in it. So while picking the colors, make sure, your color choice does include the black color as well. The company logo should be at the front top above the window along with the company tagline. 

Card Stock

As the hairs are in natural form so the natural recyclable cardboard should be used for packaging. If the extensions are longer then only one crease should be put on the extensions so the box should be large sufficient to hold the extensions with one fold only.

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