The history and culture of Abu Dhabi are linked with Bedouins. Living and earning in the desert is a hard nut to crack. Even many people do not know who Bedouins were and what was their mode of living?  How did they transform their means of earning into adventuresome activities? In this article, you will get comprehensive information about the lifestyle of Bedouins and their means of survival.

Who are Bedouins?

Bedouins are the oldest inhabitants of the Arabian Desert. It is a group of semi-nomadic desert dwellers who traverse through deserts in search of food and livelihood. The Bedouins are famous for their hospitality and resourcefulness. Probably, they have taken advantage of it and developed themselves. You can book desert safari deals in Abu Dhabi to explore the lifestyle of the Bedouins.

In ancient times, their tribes used to travel several thousand kilometers in the desert. You will be amazed to know that they got the idea of directions by the movement of the wind, the sun, and stars. They were expert to track the footsteps of animals, man, woman, or child.

How did they survive in the desert?

Living in the arid and hot climate of the desert with the shortage of food and water is a Gordian task. All these things made them physically strong enough to survive under these conditions. During the old days, they use wood and leaves of trees to make homes. Being closer to nature, they live a simple life. After the discovery of oil wells in 1968, they revolutionized their way of living. If you ever go for Abu Dhabi city tour, you will be surprised to see the skyscraping building and endless facilities of life.

The ship of the desert ‘’camel’’ was an essential source of transportation. It was a symbol of wealth as well. They use nutrient-rich milk and meat of the camel to make food. They make rugs from their hair. Its hide was used to make tents, shoes, and warm clothes during the winter season. The Bedouin used falcons as a hunting tool because their speed and power are even greater than a bullet.

What are their cultures and traditions?

Having a welcoming nature, they are famous for their loyalty and hospitality. Even you can see this trait among Emiratis today as well. In ancient times, they serve dates, Arabian ghawa, and tenderized meat to guests. And today, this tradition is followed by all offices and hotels. Today, tourists love to try Bait ulMandi and BBQ dishes duringAbu Dhabi city tour. Although you can enjoy all the dishes in the luxury hotels yet the Arabian dishes are worthy to eat.

What are modern-day Bedouin experiences in the desert?

Today, the lifestyles of the Bedouins have changed. They have the world’s tallest building BurjKhalifa, seven-start luxury hotels, contemporary houses, and exceptional shopping plazas. They have turned deserts into a source income. The tourists go and enjoy many deserts sports like dune bugging, sandboarding, quad biking, camel ride, and typical Bedouin lifestyle experience at the campsite included in desert safari deals in Abu Dhabi.