It is nearly impossible to imagine our lives without technology today, and we are only set to become more reliant on technology in the near future than ever before. As technology is evolving, needs and expectations of modern-day consumers and businesses are also changing rapidly. This is why, today, we are no longer satisfied with the kind of efficiency and accuracy afforded by modern technology.

We also expect technology to bring us a realism that bridges the distance we feel from the real world out there with the rise of the virtual world of late. Today we want to play games that feel more natural, use smart apps that provide a personalized experience instead of merely an aggregated approach, and solutions that are based on our individual needs and consider our choices at a more personal level. 

Responsive Smart Tech On the Rise 

To meet this growing need for a personal touch, we see an emergence of new and smarter technology designed to afford a personalized experience and also integrate various technologies like never before. This includes a wide range of smart home technologies pioneered by tech giants like Google and Amazon. 

Home Automation and Smart Homes 

Today you can get smart home devices that offer an integrated technology experience and makes it easier for young and elderly alike to use complex tech in a hassle-free manner. These smart devices connect everything including speakers, lights, doorbell, cameras, kitchen appliances, computers and smartphones and make it possible to control all the home devices with a single touch of the button or a simple voice command. 

Depending on what smart home device you choose, you can easily control everything from lights and temperature to surveillance cameras, security devices and even locks to ensure enhanced security in your home and surroundings. It would be interesting to get a glimpse of the technology that powers these devices and would also make you appreciate these smart devices better.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) Make Your Home Smarter

AI is extensively used to collect data from home automation devices and enhance the user experience by identifying patterns of user behaviour and intelligently integrating them in their automated regimes. This extends the ability of smart homes from only remote monitoring and controlling their devices to actually being able to optimize the user experience.

This is achieved with the help of user data gathered and in the process, reducing power consumption and improving the life of devices as well. This level of automation is made possible by AI that works with concepts like machine learning. It makes use of deep learning algorithms to predict user behaviour and apply that to automate devices better. An example is that of Nest thermostats learning user behaviour to set temperatures automatically or save energy when no one is home.

There is another fundamental technology without which AI would be rendered useless. This is the Internet of Things or IoT that enables all devices to stay connected and communicate with each other along with assisting in transferring and gathering of data on the use of devices smartly operated by the user. IoT devices are at the base of smart homes and automation that make all kinds of intelligent uses possible by connecting every device in a single place.

Some of the benefits of smart home technology are reduced costs of maintenance for home devices as their health is monitored continuously by AI in a smart home. Another advantage is the ability to lesser power consumption, and with the kind of reliance on devices today, it could translate into better management of personal finance. It could also mean improved creditworthiness without which you could end up looking for unsecured loans for bad credit

Here we will discuss some of the smart home devices that we have talked about so much. 

Amazon Echo 

Amazon has developed some of the most sought-after smart home devices, and Amazon Echo is one of its pioneering products. It is a smart BlueTooth speaker powered by Amazon’s Alexa, the smart voice assistant developed by the tech giant. Amazon Echo puts you in control of all home devices which you can control with simple voice commands and get the most out of home automation with its smart response mechanism.

It can work well with several smart home devices and can also be paired with If This Then That (IFTTT) to help make customized pairings of your choice. You can also bring Alexa functionality to an existing speaker by pairing it with Echo Dot with Clock. For enhanced visual functionality, one can get a range of Amazon devices, including Echo Show 5 or Echo Show 10 for a touch screen display to make video calls and see search results as well. 

Google Nest Hub Smart Devices 

There are several Google Nest Hub range of smart speakers and displays that are supported by Google Assistant instead of Alexa. Google Nest Hub Max is a popular choice for smart homes that lets you control everything from an intelligent-response driven smart display. It is designed to help you access all Google services from one place and use home devices with great ease.

If you are looking for a smaller smart home device, you can opt for Nest Audio, Nest Mini or Nest Hub that offers similar features and are more affordable at the same time. Google’s smart home devices are among some of the most popular choices for next-gen consumers and are continually evolving with emerging technologies. 


Smart homes are the future of home automation, and there is a wide range of smart home devices driven by AI and IoT to make your life simpler and more efficient. The best thing about smart homes is the ability to personalize the use of devices with a single voice command or touch of a smart display. Going a step further.

AI and IoT make even automation personalized by using complex algorithms to predict user behaviour and setting automated device regimes in keeping with it. You just need to sit back and relax while everything around your home is managed by smart home devices to lead a more productive and organized life with a rare personalized touch