How Business Owners are Using Outdoor Table Covers to Maintain Profits

Savvy business owners always install outdoor tables on their properties. An outdoor table in your store’s backyard, or a set of tables in your community park area, can do wonders. Employees and customers can use these tables for seating purposes. Elderly shoppers can use the tables to manage their belongings. There are several other uses of outdoor tables.

That’s why outdoor tables are in high demand. In 2020, during the height of the COVID19 pandemic, restaurant owners were installing outdoor tables in various locations. Outdoor tables in parking lots, patios and other outdoor spaces allowed them to serve customers in a socially distant manner.

In the post-pandemic world, despite the return of indoor dining, these outdoor dining tables are still in high demand. According to a recent survey –

  • 65% of restaurant-goers prefer dining outdoors, on outdoor tables even when it’s cold.
  • 82% of restaurant customers want restaurant owners to increase their outdoor seating options.

Restaurant owners and all business owners from other industries must take note of these customer demands. People like sitting on high-quality tables and chairs outdoors. As a business owner, you must provide them with outdoor tables. Customers can then use these outdoor tables to –

  • Spend family time or time with friends outdoors, underneath the bright sun.
  • Host activities like picnics, open art galleries, etc.
  • Host outdoor birthday parties, baby showers, etc.
  • Access extra seating space outside restaurants and enjoy their meals in the fresh air.

If you’re a business owner go gives your customers access to high-quality outdoor tables, your brand value will increase. People will perceive your store or brand as a positive member of the community. However, all these “good” perceptions can change if the outdoor tables you provide to your customers are not high-quality.

Like all furniture items, outdoor tables and chairs lose their quality with time. Outdoor furniture items, in particular, are extremely prone to sunlight, water, and wind damage. That’s why keeping these tables covered and protected at all times is very important. That’s where a premium-quality outdoor table cover can be of immense help.

Smart business owners use these table covers to ensure that their outdoor tables are always in proper condition. Here are some other perks of covering your outdoor tables with strong, sun-resistant covers –

  • Furniture Safety: Outdoor furniture items are always exposed to the elements. When you cover them, you prevent them from getting exposed to harsh sun rays, wind, and rainfall. Plus, these covers are typically made of heat-treated, synthetic materials like vinyl or PVC. These materials don’t let any moisture or sunlight cause damage to your outdoor tables.
  • Cleanliness: Outdoor tables often get dirty due to bird excreta, debris from the wind, and other external factors. With a custom cover, you can keep these germs and dirt away. Your outdoor table will be “ready to use” at all times.
  • Customization Options: Brand leaders can now custom-print their company’s logo, colors, designs, etc., on their table covers. Use these custom prints to let everyone know who the owner of the outdoor table is.

If your company owns outdoor chairs or tables, make sure to keep them protected with sun and water-resistant covers!

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