The easiest, most direct answer to the question in the title is to say that you generally always want to go with a .com domain name.

Why We Advise a .com Domain Extension

A .com domain name is by very the numerous popular extension and the one that yet carries the most important value for most companies.

Why? Because the largest of your clients are going to just think that your company’s website is working to be “[business name].com” for example

However, the question has to be asked: does a .com domain extension have any direct impression on your search rankings?

While it does seem that .coms are still Google’s favored domain extension, it may not be for the objects you think.

While you really think about it, the only reason for Google to prioritize one domain extension over the difference is that we as internet users simply default in our minds to the .com domains. 

When to Use a .org Domain Extension

This domain extension is the traditional choice for charity or non-profit sites. That obtaining said there are strong for-profit sites that accept the .org domain extension, and if you use it accurately the .org can provide you a boost in social credence or validation.

However, you will need to brand your company with the .org domain extension tied quickly to your name since, as stated earlier, most users will otherwise just think that your company’s domain includes the .com domain extension.

When to Use a .net Domain Extension

A .net domain extension is the second most favorite extension, but it doesn’t actually provide either of the same benefits as the other two. However, it is usually taken as a committed or approved the extension by clients, and it’s around just that if a customer hears it, they’ll apparently remember it when they look up your website later.

Domain Names are Higher than Their Extension

The .com/.org/.net question is just the first one you need to think when you begin creating your brand online. Your domain name is about to become a significant asset in your business and marketing efforts, so it’s important to create a notified decision.

So, away from the extension, what else do you need to know about domain names?

For beginners, it should be:

  • Unforgettable
  • Short
  • SEO-friendly
  • Type able
  • On-brand