How Is A Blog Different From A Website

blog for website

Sometimes people come to me with a request to create a website not for business. And then I clarify whether a person needs a website or a blog? In most cases, I get the opposite question – “What is the difference between a blog and a website?” In this article I will try to explain what the difference between these two concepts is.

The first thing I want to clarify right away is that sites are a general concept. A blog is just one type of website.

What sites are there

  • Search engines
  • Information portals
  • Gaming sites
  • Company Sites
  • Social network
  • Advertising Landing Pages
  • Internet shops
  • Forums
  • Blogs

These are all sites. A blog or forum is just a variation or feature of one of the types of sites.

What is a blog?

A blog can be a standalone site or an additional feature of any other site.

For example, there is a website for a construction company. Outwardly, it looks like a business card site. But the company’s employees keep a blog and regularly write useful articles on the topic of construction or like custom whiteboard animation. Accordingly, such a site cannot be called a blog, it is still a company site, but there is a blog on it. So in this case the blog will be just a useful addition to the site.

For example, my site, where you are now, also cannot be called a blog with complete confidence. If you go to the main page, then it can be called a landing page. Although initially, this site was conceived as a portfolio site. But there is a blog here too. And it is an important component. Such sites are called hybrid sites.

Blog features

As a rule, a blog consists of subject headings. A key feature of blogs is the systematic updating of content that is, adding new articles.

If on static sites you can only get acquainted with the information provided, then on the blog you can leave comments on the articles. Thus, blogs are a medium for networking. This environment is commonly called the blogosphere.

For example, the site of the organization mainly consists of static pages that contain useful information. These can be pages such as “About the Company”, “Services”, “Price”, “Contacts”. The information on such pages is permanent.

The blog, however, consists of headings and entries. There are few static, unchangeable pages on the blog. These can be pages “About the author”, “Contacts”, etc.

Corporate blogs have a narrow topic and all articles are related to the type of business of the company.

An author’s blog can be of a narrow focus (for example, cooking, travel, DIY repair). And just as well, a blogger can write on completely different topics. The main thing, for the convenience of visitors, is to divide the blog into headings.

What is a blog on a business website for?

SEO promotion

Subject articles for the right keywords help to promote the site in the search results. Thus, they attract potential customers.

Trust factor

The presence of thematic articles on the site with the ability to comment allows you to achieve confidential communication with the target audience.


A blog allows potential customers to not only write comments, but also ask questions. Thanks to this, there is an opportunity to better understand your audience and quickly give feedback, close objections, answer exciting questions.


A blog is a type of website. If you are wondering what is the best way for you to create a business, blog or website? The answer is you need a website!

The second question to ask yourself is – do you need a blog on your site? If so, then you should understand that the blog should be systematically updated. So someone has to write articles.

Decide whether you or a copywriter will do it for money? Writing quality articles takes a long time, you must keep this in mind.