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How much does it cost bars to have an NFL Sunday Ticket?

Some sports bars throughout the year have lined the flat-screen TVs so NFL fans could easily watch and enjoy every game on Sunday. All they have to do is simply tilt their head in the bar. Plus, it’s not only the out-of-market fans that are filling the bars or restaurants. 

For a typical bar that can accommodate around 100-200 people, it can cost $4,096 on average for DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket package. The lowest tier of price plan is for the smaller places for around $1,289 during the season, yet the most expensive plans price goes upwards around $50,000 (to as far as $100,000) then the largest venues could accommodate over 2000 people in their space pay the most.

*These prices are for giving you a rough idea, however, these prices were last seen in 2014, we can assume, they have changed and increased than then. 

For those who don’t know, bars and restaurants, so come under the category of business while subscribing to any service. However, places like bars or restaurants are business places as well as public spots where hundreds of people visit in a day. The headcount largely varies on the space that particular bar or restaurant has, some bars can easily accommodate hundreds of people at a time that translates into thousands of visitors in a day. 

Furthermore, why do bars have to pay extra for sports or any entertainment coverage at their place because unlike any other business, it brings them more business. Therefore, based on the contributing factor, service providers charge an additional fee to such public places. Let’s find out further about it: 

  • Stream Sunday Ticket is for those who don’t live near an apartment building or don’t have access to DirecTV Service. If you are an NFL fan, you must check CenturyLink so you can stay at home and enjoy the show alone or with your squad. 
  • The cost of getting NFL Sunday Ticket U for college students for one device is around $99.99 per year. Likewise, you’ll also see names such as NFLST.TV To Go and NFLST.TV Max, offering the Sunday Ticket service. 
  • If you are comfortable with live streaming services which may include Amazon, Netflix, or Hulu, you don’t need the Sunday Ticket. 
  • Users who don’t have access to DirecTV prefer NFL Sunday Ticket. However, you should not forget that DirecTV also gets you separate NFL Sunday Ticket  streaming service. 

How do I get an NFL Sunday Ticket if I don’t have DirecTV?

Amazon Prime could be another alternative if you want to stream NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV. You can download NFL Sunday Ticket channel on Amazon Prime for free. You will be able to watch all the games through this service even if you can’t pay for the package. Now, how cool is that!

How can one Get Sunday Ticket U for Students?

As we said earlier, NFL Sunday Ticket U is available for college students for only $99.99 per year. You can enjoy your favorite NFL streams on single device at this affordable price. 

How can one Get NFL Sunday Ticket if they don’t have DirecTV? 

It is an exclusive offer from DIRECTV and it is the reason why you had to buy a subscription. However, at present, you may use this feature through your internet connection, but it won’t work that way. If your area offers DirecTV service, you have to use it. There is no other choice for you. Isn’t that sad? But don’t be sad because,

NFLST.TV users can stream Sunday Ticket if: 

  • They are in a region where there is no access to DirecTV service. 
  • They are living in an apartment, condo, building, or unit. 

In case you are looking for cheaper options than DirecTV, you can go for other services in the market such as Xfinity and Hulu plus Live TV. Xfinity offers various plans to cater the NFL audienace and with Hulu, you can stream Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, and College Football on your smart device through a TV. 

Final Thoughts

We hope by now you have a rough idea about how bars are charged for NFL Sunday Ticket. The accurate prices can only be revealed by bars or service-providing companies. To help you understand better, we have shared previous prices as well. 


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