If you own a business, it is only proper to find ways to stay ahead in the game. This fact is especially true if it is an industry that boasts many professionals and hence, competition. In recent times, there has been a surge in the sale of solar power system products, and the industry has experienced a growth that only a few people saw not too long ago.

One primary way to gain an edge is by taking advantage of technologies. The solar industry has a number of state-of-the-art technologies that make all the difference in the business. One such technology is solar software. Software programs can turn a business around, especially in the sales department. If a business owner knows how to put the programs to use, they will make things much easier. Click here to learn more about the impact of solar software.

These programs can help a business negotiate contracts, carefully check the potentials of the contracts, and deliver accurate estimates to clients. They can also get financial reports and get ahead in learning what the potential return on investment (ROI) will be.

Many people are interested in the basics – how much will the products and installation cost and what the output will be. However, there are a few clients that may want to learn more about the process, and having such a software program will make the job easier. The attention, coordination, and detailing involved in the sales of solar power systems are tremendous, and relying on manual inputs or accounting will only waste time and run the business down.

A company in the business of selling solar power products will become more efficient in the coordination between departments involved in the process – sales, engineering, accounting, and even the administrative unit. Everyone can run point from their offices and get outstanding results, all the while increasing sales revenue. 

Areas that Benefit from Solar Software

In the light of the above, it is crucial to choose a software program that meets certain criteria and improve the following key areas if you are in the business of selling solar PV systems:


This is, perhaps, the first step in the process of negotiating a sale after getting a contract. A customer wants to know what it entails to get to the endpoint. Gone are the days when engineers had to climb the roof of a house and measure out the installation point before they could give detailed answers. 

The right software program allows you to design the structure, detailing the points where the panels will get the best exposure to sun and avoid shades as much as possible. Simulation is vital here; the client can see how the panels will fit and where each component will go, maximizing space. After that, you can send final reports to the client. It portrays sophistication and preparedness on the part of the contractor.


Some programs allow you to discuss details of the contract and financing with a client without having to have endless and countless meetings. Some clients do not have the time to sit and talk over the fine details; they work better on the move. It pays to be able to send reports to them, such that they can read and understand all the facets of the contract. Then, they can send their feedback.

If you always rely on face-to-face meetings in this age of advanced technology, you risk losing potential clients. While some may be patient with such a process, others may go to competitors with better technologies.


Several departments are usually involved in a contract, especially a big one, from the inception to the final stage. A software program where everybody from these departments can run points will make the process easier, more efficient, and faster. If they have to go from office to office or send messages, some information may be lost in the process.

It will interest you to learn that the sales and accounting departments are not the only ones involved in such a process. The engineering team must also deliver their estimates because they will install the systems. Those responsible for permits have a role to play, especially when the job is in an area that needs special permits.

Acquiring Permits

As mentioned before, getting the necessary permits speeds up the process. Sometimes, you may get a contract that needs urgent attention but also needs special permits. In such a situation, the right software can help with speedy permits and deliver them when necessary. It is frustrating to lose a contract because of unnecessary red tape. It may even still happen after you have spent time and a good amount of money trying to sort things out.


Payment options are some of the most important aspects of negotiating a deal. A client wants to know what options they have; that is probably the first question they ask after learning the cost of the contract. 

You must get ahead and have the right information ready before they ask. Such readiness shows you are ready and capable to do the job. Otherwise, the client may go to your competition who can deliver better results.

Important Note:

Some software programs allow the clients to see the projections on the savings they can make on the installation and other benefits from it. They do not want to rely on word of mouth, so having the information ready and demonstrating it builds confidence. 

As many of these programs are compatible with mobile devices, you can display reports and carry out simulations while working in the field. You do not have to wait until later to deliver the reports which the client needs.


Every aspect of the solar power industry is fast transforming and businesses should change along with it. It is not just about pricing and incentives; the method and process of selling products are evolving, relying more on advanced technologies.

If you are to make the most of the current trends and future prospects, it is best to select software programs suitable for your specific needs. Make them a part of your business so that everyone gets used to it. You are sure to see a marked improvement in sales within a short time.