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How To Automate Instagram Messages To Grow Your Account?

Over the years, Instagram has upgraded its structure and feature. Its dynamic change is making creators learn more about Instagram. Creators and business people are researching and analyzing the updated techniques and are trying to implement those features for their Instagram accounts. Everyone wants to finish a job with ease. Moreover, if your work is automated, then it is more beneficial. Instagram also allows you to create automated messages for the better growth of the individual or company. An automatic message will help you keep your audience engaged with your account. Similarly, if you want to drive engagement on Instagram, you can buy instagram reels likes and gain more popularity. 

 Let us explore more about Instagram automated messages that scale your marketing. Let’s get started!

What Are Instagram Automated Messages?

An automated Instagram message allows users to send messages to their followers in a quick way without any manual work. These are programmed responses, where brands answer common questions that customers continually ask to get your products or services. It creates a more personalized and interactive conversation between a customer and a business. 

Although these automated messages are programmed, they are sent to customers through a familiar human figure. For example, when you open up a website, there is always a space like ‘You can ask your questions here or ‘How can I help you, etc. You can clarify your doubts with automated responses if you enter these spaces. If you consider these in your marketing strategy, you may quickly get higher growth. 

Why Use Automated Instagram Messages?

A recent survey report has shown that almost 64% of Instagram users prefer messages from email or phone. Moreover, if you have a business and need to clarify customer doubts or tell about your new product launch, you cannot make a person respond to consumer messages for 24 hours. With automated messages, you can efficiently respond to your customers and can improve leads. Another choice to launch your new products on Instagram is through features like reels, stories, etc. To generate new leads, buy instagram reels saves and enhance your growth. 

How To Design An Automated Instagram Message?

Automated messages always work with third-party apps. First, connect your Instagram account to the app, allowing the app to use automated Instagram messages. Now, write your automated response for story mentions, Direct Messages, post comments, etc. If you are a business that wants customer support responses, then you can generate them with the apps. 

5 Ways To Grow Your Account With Instagram Automated Messages

1. Provide Round-The-Clock Service

As Instagram automation delivers messages 24/7, it creates brand loyalty and turns your one-time customer into a regular buyer. According to a recent survey, 40% of consumers expect a reply from brands within an hour of posting their queries. Your quick responses will make customers feel you are essential to their problems. If you value your customers, then you can grow your account quickly. 

2. Promote Your Products With Automated Messages

A great tactic to drive sales for your business is to keep your customers connected with your brand. Your automated messages will give them the latest updates regarding new launches, upcoming offers, etc. In addition, by messaging them, you can make your target audience focus on particular products. You can also create a branded hashtag contest to encourage your followers to participate and win. 

3. Build Your Email List

Brands can send messages to customers with promotions and giveaways. If you send a message like, grab 10% offer with the code ‘MONDAY10’, you may instantly grow your sales. When customers send you messages, build up the conversation and get their email addresses. Alternatively, you may contact their email address by asking for feedback or making them subscribe to your email newsletter. Email marketing is always the best trick to market your products. 

4. Send An Automated Welcome Message 

If your business holds an app, then for the first-time user, you can send a welcome message to their phone or email. It will boost them to visit or use your app regularly. As an Instagram creator, you can add the ‘message’ button on the top of your account. Like the message button, you can insert an automated FAQ on your Instagram account. 

5. Use Screen Text Effectively 

In your Instagram reels or stories, use the screen text, ‘DM me for more details. It will increase your conversion rates. Once you have user engagement in DM’s, you can easily automate welcome replies and suggest or make them try your products or services. Of course, you must send instant responses to the people tagging your business. 


For the company’s or brand’s successful growth, customer support is significant. You can streamline your inbox and can save your valuable time through Instagram Direct messages. Through Instagram automated messages, you can reach new customers and broader your audience base. Any brand with higher customers always stays top in the market. Want to be one among them? Then try to implement the points from the article and grow your business. We hope your like this article. Read and share your comments below! We value your feedback.

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