How to Avoid Being Conned by Online Vendors

You have probably fallen victim to online cons at least once in your life. You either paid for a product, and it never got delivered, or you were promised standards that were not met. The feeling you get after getting swindled is not pleasant at all. Most of the time you feel stupid and wish you never made the order in the beginning. On the positive side, at least you now know that online duping is real, and you can do something to prevent it from happening to you in the future. Let us discuss some of the ways you can curb online theft.

Insist on Paying After Delivery

Insist on Paying After Delivery

One of the main red flags when it comes to online buying is being asked to pay in advance. While this might be okay for long-distance purchases such as shipping from China and other countries, it does not make sense for local purchases. For instance, your local 6d faux mink eyelashes vendor should not ask you to pay before they deliver the goods, especially if you are a repeat customer. They might be tempted to compromise on your quality or not deliver at all; either way, they have made their profit. However, you should ensure that you also keep your end of the bargain after you receive your items. Vendors also fall victim to swindling by online buyers.

Use Third-Party Agents

Insist on Paying After Delivery

This is a good approach, especially for big purchases that you might need help with product sourcing and shipping at large. It is easy to be cheated by suppliers if you are not on the ground with them. Look for sourcing agents who will help you find the best quality products and ascertain that the supplier can deliver on their promises. 

Ask your agent to send you samples of the product so you can test them before making the order. You must also ensure that your sourcing agent is genuine and not just another con; otherwise, you will end up paying for goods that will not be delivered and paying an agent who will not deliver. The only thing worse than being conned is being double-conned.

Conduct Background Checks

Before you decide to do business with an online vendor, ensure that they are legit. You can do this by visiting their website and going through the clients’ reviews and testimonials section. Keep an eye for any customer complaints, check for any swindling claims. I doubt if anyone would just go online and trash a business if they didn’t actually have a bad experience with them.If you see several complaints then take that as a red flag. If you go ahead and make the purchase anyway, do not protest after being conned.

Ask for Picture Evidence

A scammer will try to send you a downloaded picture or a previous photo of the product, be on the lookout for that. Ask them to include something to show that it is a recent photo, a date maybe. If they are unable to do that or they try to give you a lot of unnecessary explanations why they can’t do that, walk and don’t look back. There are hundreds of other vendors with the same item anyway. You can also ask to see documents that prove their ownership of the goods, mostly when you are buying second-hand goods. 

Cheap is Expensive

If the offer is too good to be true, run and run fast. Most of these online scammers attract buyers by advertising their products using very low prices.If you are a lover of cheap stuff, then you will probably end up being duped. Before deciding on a purchase, make sure that you are aware of the market value; there might be discounts available but look out for those that are too low to be genuine. For instance, ask yourself how the vendor is going to make any kind of profit with a 70% off sale. In all probability, that item does not exist at all.

Look for a Return Policy

If the vendor is using a social media page or a website, go through it carefully and check if they have a return policy. If a seller is willing to take back a product if it does not meet your standards, then that means they are genuine and prioritize customer satisfaction. However, most of them prefer that you replace the item instead of giving a refund, which is fair enough. You are also required to present the receipt and put the item back in its packaging before sending it back. 

In Summary

In order to steer clear from online scammers, you need to acknowledge that they exist and do something about it. Once you realize that you have been conned by an online vendor, take a step to report them either to the police station or to their website owners so they can be kicked out. Do not keep silent and let others suffer the same fate as you. You can also add to the negative reviews and hope that they will pay the price in no time. If you feel like online buying is too much of a risk, then you can avoid it altogether.


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