How To Be Punctual During Virtual Meetings

In today’s work environment, virtual meetings have become more and more common. Whether you are a part of a staff still working fully remotely or part of a hybrid team, most office workers tend to have several virtual meetings a week. But just like face-to-face talks, being punctual and professional is critical to making a good impression.

Take Virtual Meetings Seriously

Sometimes workers tend to treat virtual meetings as more casual affairs. It can feel like a person is just sitting by themselves with their computer. However, you are in a professional setting from the moment you log on. Be prepared. Check things like your microphone, camera and Zoom virtual background requirements before each meeting.

Add Your Meetings to a Calendar

Make sure your virtual meetings are on your professional calendar. If you received an official email invite with the meeting details, be sure to accept it so the event is added to the calendar. Set up reminders that will let you know you have something coming up. You will also want to ensure nothing else interferes during this time including personal or other work obligations.

Be considerate of how disruptive a late addition can be to a virtual meeting. If you join while someone is speaking, people’s eyes may be drawn to the flash of light from your new square on the screen. You also run the risk of making noise if you aren’t muted yet. Not to mention you may have missed valuable information that was already shared.

Keep Your Background Professional

Another step to being on time for your meetings and improving the quality of them is to keep your background professional. Create a space where you can take meetings and not worry about what’s behind you, so you aren’t scrambling to find a spot when the meeting starts.

You can also use a custom Zoom background template to always have a professional setting. Your company may have one with the team logo that will help you feel like you’re focused on work and the task at hand.

Dress Appropriately

Even if your virtual meeting is from home or in a relaxed environment, make sure to dress professionally. Resist the urge to wear a t-shirt and sweatpants, no matter how much you think the other participants won’t see you. You never know when a meeting may use Zoom immersive view templates, which place everyone in the same virtual environment to collaborate.

Think about what you would have worn to the office and pick an outfit of that caliber. Not only will you look better, but it’s also easy to plan ahead and grab clothes the night before. This will help you save time and be punctual for the virtual meeting.

Just because virtual meetings don’t happen in formal board rooms doesn’t mean they are completely casual affairs. Every worker should still take the time to put their best foot forward just like they would in the office. That starts with being on time, and includes making sure to present yourself well during every meeting.

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