Thousands of people hit the golf course yearly because playing golf is good exercise. It makes the players spend a few hours outside their house inhaling fresh air, providing benefits like better sleep, lower anxiety and blood pressure, and enhanced creative thinking. The minimum equipment for golf is wedges, irons, putters, woods and drivers. Good drivers like the Callaway Rogue help the player hit the ball as far as possible. However, beginners may find it challenging to handle drivers because of the longer shaft and lower loft.

It is challenging to select the best driver because most beginners think it is hard to hit a driver. The driver has the longest shaft with a sizable head and the smallest loft. It is considered to be the most difficult club to hit with accuracy. Another name for the driver is 1-wood. The right driver helps to make a strong tee shot, and golfers of all levels need a driver before heading to the golf course.

How to choose a driver?

Head size

Large driver heads have a large face. They increase the momentum and launch the ball into the air, creating more speed. Clubs with smaller heads weigh less and provide increased maneuverability. Larger heads are an ideal choice for amateurs and less skilled players.

Head shape

Drivers have square club heads or round club heads. Golfers must choose a club head that allows them a comfortable swing. Round heads are less clunky and a good option for beginners. They are less likely to get caught in the ground before impacting the ball. Square heads have larger clubfaces and minimize room for error.

Head color

Head color is more of an aesthetic preference than a skill preference. The traditional color for a driver’s head is black. Nevertheless, many manufacturers make them in different colors to increase visibility against the green grass background. Sometimes golfers use a coloured crown to protect the driver’s head.


The loft is the hitting area of the club. It refers to the angle the clubface makes on the vertical axis. When the loft is zero, the clubface is perpendicular to the ground. Players must choose loft depending upon their swing speed. A driver with less loft is for golfers who swing faster. Generally, the loft ranges between 8 and 12 degrees.


Shafts are usually made of steel, titanium or graphite. The flexibility of the shaft depends on how much it bends upon impact. A fast swing speed requires a stiffer shaft and a flexible shaft is for a slower swing speed. The shaft’s flex affects the shot’s accuracy, trajectory and distance. Golfers need to experiment with different shafts to get one with the right amount of flexibility.


Drivers are adjustable, and players can fine-tune them to align with their swing style. For example, the driver’s loft is adjusted to create different launch angles. Adjustability allows players to change the ball’s trajectory and match the holes as their game changes. The standard adjustability in a golf club is the adjustable hosel. Movable weights are another adjustability that makes a significant impact on the performance of the driver.

The most important club in the golf kit is the driver. Good drivers like Callaway Rogue inspires confidence and makes players enjoy the game. However, before purchasing a new driver, people must research to find which one will work the best for them.