In this digitalized era, an important source of communication happens to be the basic email. And as the number of digital services grow in number, emails have become more versatile, catering to a large array of personal and professional tasks. From work related to personal communications to business promotions; emails play an integral part in our everyday lives. The role of email is no longer subjected to just chatting and sharing files but the email services provided these days are now more user centric and focused on solving specific problems.

When we think about email, the name that tops all lists is Gmail. Gmail; a popular free email service provider developed by Google has dominated the email industry since 2004, mainly due its strong security and efficient service for its global user base. Gmail users can make use of the storage facility of up to 25 GB, easy to maneuver interface, quick accessibility via any device, instant inbuilt search feature, effective spam filter and other advanced features, that makes Gmail ideal for everyday use.

Apart from being an efficient email management system, Gmail is an effective personal and task manager from managing calendars, to do lists, notes, Google drive, maps, news, contacts to accessing the entire social media ecosystem and apps under one platform. Gmail has a lot to offer to both individuals and businesses combined. 

No matter where you are in the world, every one of us owns a Google account. But the main question that many residing in America or even outside the U.S. may ask when creating a Gmail account is How to create a USA verified Gmail account? Although there isn’t a major difference between creating a USA Gmail account from a normal Gmail account, if you’re looking for better email security then we suggest you to create a USA verified Gmail account. Here is all you need to know about how to create a USA verified Gmail account either from your desktop or via android device.

Gmail and its features

Gmail has officially reached massive popularity ever since it was initially developed by the tech giant Google, with over 1.5 million worldwide users. Gmail is proven to be an efficient email, personal and task manager, from exchanging email communication, easy logins to multiple social media applications with just one click, clean interface, wide accessibility via any devices. Gmail performs better than other email providers on many levels with its updated security and functionality. Apart from that, added features include advanced spam controls,  quick access to Google apps, filtering incoming messages, and avoiding annoying ads. A summary of the added features of Gmail includes

  • Advanced Search filters such as with dates, keywords
  • Gmail’s Offline access
  • Confidential mode
  • Easy accessibility via any device including laptops, tablets and mobile devices
  • Translate foreign emails 
  • Effective organization with sub labels
  • Spam management
  • Scheduling emails and quick deliverability
  • Mega storage up to 25 GB
  • Strong security and privacy
  • Access to Google drive, duo, meet, news, maps and other Google apps & services
  • Access Gmail via other email platforms
  • Bring back or undo sent emails
  • Follow ups and reminders
  • Use Google’s built in AI to compose emails
  • Send and request money via emails

How to Create a verified USA Gmail account on Desktop?

Step 1: Go to Google’s sign up homepage on your browser.

Step 2: Enter your name, username and the desired password top open the Gmail account. The username that you provide in this step will automatically become the Gmail address for your account. 

Step 3: You will have to retype the password in the given field to confirm the password. Once done, click next.

Step 4: This next step is to ensure that your first username is unique. If the username box field appears red, it will mean that someone’s already used the name. Try entering several times until the color turns green or take help from Google’s automated suggestions. Tap on the Next button

Step 5: Enter your correct birthdate and gender. As per the rule by Google, all account holders must be at least 13 years of age. This rule is particularly applicable for the American users. For credit card payment related needs, a person must be 18 years of age. 

Step 6: In case of adding an extra layer of security, verification purpose or for accessing an account when one forgets their password, entering a valid U.S. phone number or back up email is necessary. Click on the next button.

Step 7: Next step, Google will present their terms and conditions, privacy policies for your Google account. Tap on the I AGREE button to proceed to the next step. 

There you have it, you can now access all of Gmail’s email features and more.

How to Create a verified USA Gmail Account on your Android device?

Step 1: On your device, go to the Settings app

Step 2: Scroll down to the Accounts side.

Step 3: Go to Add Account option, and click on Google

Step 4: To create a Gmail account, click on the create account button.

Step 5: Enter the name you want to link your account with. Then click on the Next button.

Step 6: Enter your birthdate. Similar to the step for creating an account on the Desktop, all account holders have to be at least 13 years of age or 18 years in case of making any credit card payment via their account. Next put your gender and click Next.

Step 7: Enter your unique username associated with the Gmail account. If the username is already taken it will appear red in the box field. Try entering several times until the color turns green or take help from Google’s automated suggestions. Tap on the Next button

Step 8: Enter your New password (at least 8 characters) for the account. Google will show how strong or weak the password is. Once confirmed, hit the Next. 

Step 9: Re-enter your new password in the Confirm password field. 

Step 10: The next step is to add a U.S. based phone number. On the left side, there is an option to choose the country, scroll down to the US and then input your phone number in the given space. You will receive a verification code, upon doing so. This step is used for verification purposes to help access your account or help other users to find you via the number. You have the option to skip this step or click on the Yes, I’m in and enter your phone number.

Step 11: Google will present you with the terms and conditions to use the Gmail account. Tap on the I AGREE button to proceed to the last step.

Step 12: Gmail will review the username and the length of the password. Click on Next and there you have your verified USA Gmail account is ready to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to change or reset my password for my Gmail account on iPhone?

Open the Gmail account on your iPhone. Head over to Menu, Settings, Account and then click on the Manage your Google account option. Tap on Personal Info, click on password and retype the new password. Click on change password to save the updated password.

  1. How to create a verified USA account without phone number verification?

In the Gmail page, click on the My Account button and then hit the ‘Signing into Google’. Input your password and click on the 2-step verification. This gives the option to create and print a set of backup codes instead of providing your phone number.