This effortless session will help you draw a teddy bear, and not some toys are as popular as the teddy bear. Let’s try to remove a simple cartoon teddy bear before due process with this instruction’s written version.

Start to Draw Teddy Bear

We are starting with the body of the teddy bear.

Draw Teddy Bear Head

Draw a rounded for the head and a drop shape for the body, and start this drawing lesson by sketching the head using three circles. Continue working on your artwork by drawing a big circle for the body.

Draw the Body and Arms for Teddy Bear

For the only time in this tutorial, draw two rectangles to form the arms of your object. Add the ears by drawing two rounded and add one rounded for the snout.

Do Draw Legs for Teddy Bear

For the feet, sketch two large rounded shapes near and the bottom of the body, and thick beans will make the teddy bear legs.

Do Improve Outline for Teddy Bear

Improve the teddy bear outline, especially the body, since the different parts should fine use the basic shapes. Sticking with the beans, add two long ones for the arms, and for the feet, we will add another two rounded contours to the bottom of the legs and clean the lines that cross each other.

Make Face of Teddy Bear

Add details in the face of the teddy bear, and draw the front of your teddy bear.

Make the Teddy Bear Unique

Add many small details to make your teddy bear unique and draw circles on the teddy bear’s feet and arms.

Add Colors in the Teddy Bear

Add many colors to the teddy bear. All parts should be brown, the just exceptions should the mouth, the ears, and the circles drawn on the feet and the arms. For these specific shapes, you should choose the colors.

Add Shadows in the Teddy Bear

Add many shadows to the teddy bear character to better it. That is it, a teddy bear has drawn using mostly circles, the color brown, and it could not be simple. This teddy bear is ready, and we hope you enjoyed this session on how to draw a teddy bear for kids.

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