QuickBooks Web Connector is an application that permits QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Point of Sale to be associated with outsider electronic applications. Once in a while, you may confront a few issues while utilizing this application. 

QuickBooks Web Connector Error 1085 is a typical error that happens when utilizing QuickBooks Support. Besides, this error is identified with the log records of QuickBooks which show up when you attempt to dispatch an organization document and along these lines, you will be limited to composing the log record. 

At the point when the QuickBooks error 1085 is shown on the screen, you get an error message such as QuickBooks Web Connector has neglected to compose the log document or It shows an issue with the log record”. 

Right now, have given you the best answer for disposing of QuickBooks Web Connector error 1085 promptly and furthermore talk about the causes and side effects of this error.

 What are the Symptoms of QuickBooks error 1085?

Coming up next are the side effects of QuickBooks Web Connector error QBWC1085 that help you recognize what this error resembles: 

  • At the point when the elements of the Web Connector program are not working in like manner. 
  • In the event that QuickBooks freezes for a couple of moments. 
  • At the point when you are not getting any reaction from Windows.

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What are the purposes for QuickBooks Web Connector error QuickBooks error 1085 

We’ve talked about all the potential explanations for the QuickBooks Web Connector error QBWC1085: 

  • In the event that QuickBooks Web Connector can’t compose a log document. 
  • At the point when the TEXT document is harmed or utilized by an inaccessible Web Connector program. 
  • QuickBooks Web Connector is attempting to get data from an outsider online program. 
  • Because of the misfortune parts of QuickBooks Web Connector, you may experience QBWC1085. 
  • In the QBWC – 1005 to 1085 arrangement you may have an assortment of errors that might be identified with a log record or a QuickBooks work area. 
  • In the event that there is any harm in the QWCLOG.TXT document of the Web Connector program in QuickBooks. 
  • You can’t run the QWCLOG.TXT record of the Web Connector program in QuickBooks. 
  • In the event that you host not associated your third gathering projects to QuickBooks.

Reasons for QuickBooks1085 error? 

When a record named QWCLOG.TXT is hard to access or hard to get to, the QuickBooks customer encounters a QuickBooks error. This archive is utilized by the Web Connector program. There are different purposes behind QuickBooks – 

QuickBooks can’t stay in touch with the log record. 

The Web Connector program has been harmed or questioned. 

The QuickBooks ProAdvisor program is attempting to get data from outer applications. 

The QuickBooks Web Connector program may work fittingly when a few volumes are harmed however they are working properly. You can ruin or erase them during startup, yet you can exclude them in QuickBooks. Quite possibly at this moment, partner them with QuickBooks, a spring up will show up on the screen. 

Distinguished reality with QuickBooks Web Connector and QuickBooks1085 error 

Prior to bobbing on the test region, it will get the job done to comprehend what the first QuickBooks Web Connector and QuickBooks 1010 error is. QuickBooks Web Connector is an application made by Microsoft that gives data about Web and QuickBooks verticals in QuickBooks Online Simple and Brother Free. Like other programming, the QuickBooks Web Connector encounters bugs and glits similarly as the QuickBooks1085 error. 

How to solve QuickBooks Web Connector error 1085? 

To dispose of the QuickBooks Web Connector error QBWC1085, you have to empower the Web Connector program before actualizing the accompanying arrangements: 

Statement1: Connect the organization record to an outsider program 

  • Initially, get Windows + R 
  • You will have a run window on the screen. 
  • Discover the checkbox and imprint it for the QuickBooks Web Connector. 
  • Select the application and 
  • At long last, restart the erro desktop to check if the qbwc1085 error has been settled.

Statement 2: Rename the QWCLOG.TXT record 

  • Initially, open the taskbar and right-click the QuickBooks Web Connector. 
  • Select Exit and dispatch Windows File Manager. 
  • Presently, run the direction C: \ ProgramData \ Intuit \ QBWebConnector \ log 
  • Meanwhile, rename the TXT document and right-click. 
  • Name the record as TXT and spare it. 
  • At last, reboot the framework and restart 


By executing the arrangements portrayed above, you ought to have the option to fix the QuickBooks 1085 error. We trust you will have the option to determine this error yourself. At times, it is hard to address such errors without interacting with specialized specialists.