Kirana stores have now gone online and the trend of shopping at Kirana stores is increasing day by day. There are numerous benefits of shopping at Kirana stores like they are open 24/7, they do not charge any delivery fee, they offer various schemes to their customer, they are easy to locate as they are more local and so on. 

But uploading your products to Kirana stores can be a very difficult task as you have to manually upload them one by one in each store and then wait for their approval. This process becomes even more difficult if you have a huge collection of products or if you want your products to be uploaded in multiple locations.

Boost360 is an online management software that helps you manage all your Kirana store marketing needs from a single platform. Boost360 is an innovative web-based software solution that helps you manage your E-commerce business with ease. Boost360 allows you to manage all your E-commerce app from a single platform and also help launch a new E-commerce store from a single dashboard. The free website creator app is without doubt the most effective website creator app. It has been designed to keep small & medium sized businesses in mind which helps them to grow their business easily. 

How do you increase online Kirana sales with Boost360? 

Think about the following tips and then take action!

  1. Create an effective store description

A great description can make the difference between a click or a pass. If your product description is boring, consumers will not want to read it. Instead, they will just look at another product that has a captivating description. 

Your descriptions should be detailed and include all the information a customer needs to know before deciding to buy your product.

  1. Add rich media content to your product pages

Adding videos, audio files and images of your products can help increase online Kirana sales because consumers can immediately see what they are buying. It also gives customers more information about the product so they know if it is worth buying. 

This strategy also helps differentiate you from competitors who do not have this rich media content on their site.

  1. Place product reviews on your website

A website is a must-have if you want to make sure that your business is seen online. You can build one in a few minutes with free website creator app. After uploading the products, one of the most important thing to do is: Product review. 

Product reviews can help drive your search engine rankings and give you valuable insight into how consumers feel about your products and services. When someone buys one of your products, ask them if they would be willing to review it for you. You could also offer incentives to get reviews such as coupons for free products or discounts on future purchases. 

  1. Integrate payment gateway 

In order to increase online Kirana sales, you need to ensure that your customers can make payments seamlessly. Most people these days prefer making payments online instead of visiting the store physically. Hence, it is important that you integrate a payment gateway so that customers can pay through their accounts.

The modern eCommerce app is a combination of a marketing and sales platform, management system and payment gateway. This eliminates the need for businesses of all sizes to have multiple systems in place, with separate solutions for tracking inventory, providing customer support, optimizing the site to increase traffic, collecting payments and evaluating performance. All actions can be taken and stored in one centralized location without complicated setup or technical difficulties.

  1. A team of highly skilled professionals

They have a team of highly skilled professionals who work towards providing customized solutions to their clients. 

Their team comprises experienced professionals from different domains like marketing, technology, strategy, business development, and customer support.

  1. An Extensive Database 

They have an extensive database comprising more than 200 million verified customers across India and over 15 million unique products for online booking & selling with over 5000 online merchants across 17 categories.


With Boost360, you can help increase online Kirana sales in India by giving your online consumers the same quality of experience that they get from visiting your physical store. Boost360 for Kiranas is an omnichannel solution that helps you streamline processes and enhance the customer experience, regardless of where the customer prefers to shop. It’s the only all-in-one app you need, to build your own all-inclusive eCommerce app. There is probably not much to say. Just give it a try, our customers have always been happy with their purchase.

This makes it easier for shoppers to browse and buy from your store, while leaving them with a positive impression of your brand. Boost360 helps you take full control of all stages of the customer journey on all channels, including your physical stores, websites, apps and more – allowing you to deliver a consistent shopping experience across all touch points.