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How to Make an Online Logo with DesignEvo

Do you want to design and edit your own logo online that you can make from mobile or PC? Then this post will give you a way to create logos online that you can directly practice.

You can introduce our brand quickly with a logo. This is encouraged because basically viewers tend to be easier to remember visual things like pictures.

Now to save money, you can make your own brand logo. In addition to making a logo using Photoshop, you can also make logos online, which is certainly much more accessible.

There are tons of logo design sites available on the internet. One of them is DesignEvo. By using this web service, you can easily create a logo for your brand.

Good or not the logo that you make, of course, depends on your creativity in making it.

Here this post tries to provide as complete a guide as possible. Start from the beginning to make the logo until you are ready to download the logo.

How to use DesignEvo?

The easy steps to make a logo without downloading any program:

Step 1: Access DesignEvo homepage

As DesignEvo is a web-based logo maker, so you should access your web browser and then visit the DesignEvo homepage.

After successfully entering the site, you can click Make a Free Logo.

Step 2: Choose and edit a template

There are tons of logo templates available in various categories. You can choose one of these templates if you want to make your own logo in a blank canvas then please select Start From Scratch.

After successfully entering the menu to edit, the first step is to give background. In general, the logo will have a set background. Here you can make the background transparent by clicking on the Background menu. Then Check the Transparent Background option.

The next step is to start to create a logo. You can insert some icons that you can make as the basis of your logo layout. Click the Shape menu, after that, select the Shape that you will add. As a basis here, you choose Solid Shape to select the shape you want.

If you want to change the color, then you can click on the icon in the upper left corner of the canvas.

After that, you can add another shape based on the logo. You can look for icon stock by clicking on the Icon tab. Then write in the search field the icon that you will look for. By inputting the thinking-relate icon, then the machine will find the icons mated.

Then give the text under the logo. This is intended to provide your brand name. You can click the Text menu, then select add Logo Name to add some necessary text to illustrate your brand. Also, you can add your slogan to the logo. After that, just select the font sample according to your wishes.

Step 3: To export your logo file

Done. Sounds easy, right? Before downloading the logo, you can see the logo by the preview function. There you can see your logo when used on the website, book covers, T-shirt and much more. 

After you feel enough with the logo, then you can download it by clicking the Download button. Or you can also save it to cloud storage by clicking the save button.


Easy is not how to make your own brand logo online? Above is the guide for creating a logo with DesignEvo.

Of course, you can make logos according to your creativity. What is certain is that the logo that you make will be much more interesting than you think.

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