One of the most well-known and most played variations of poker real money online is known as Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. The game is played by many a poker player online due to its simplicity and entertainment factor. The game is also featured in many Indian poker online tournaments all across the country and people from all over the world have been known to compete in the same. In this article, we shall take an in-depth look at poker real money games online, specifically, texas hold ‘em, which is the most popular variation of the game.

The topics covered in this article are:

  • Important Game Rules for a Texas Poker Player Online
  • Betting Options in Indian Poker Online
  • Why Use Pokerlauncher?
  • Conclusion
  1. Important Game Rules for a Texas Poker Player Online

Before understanding how to play poker real money games, let us look at some of the important rules that a poker player online has to understand in the game of Texas poker.

  • In Texas Hold ‘Em, from the cards that each player is dealt on the table, there are two cards that are known as Hole Cards. These are only to be seen by the players that hold them.
  • The dealer of the game online poker shall deal 5 cards to each player on the table. This includes 3 cards that are dealt face up together first, then one card, and then the last card. This forms the board in the game and is known as community cards. 
  • The goal of the game is to use these community cards and the given hole cards to form the best 5 card combination that each poker player online can form. They are allowed to use all 7 of them dealt cards to make the one hand they feel is the most powerful.
  • Players then take turns betting on their cards before any of the community cards are revealed in the game.
  • Once the betting stage is over, cards are then revealed to all the players, with the player holding the best 5-card hand taking home the pot or prize money, thereby winning the game.
  1. Betting Options in Indian Poker Online

Now that the main rules of the game have been explained alongside how the game is played out, here are some of the main terminologies that poker players online must keep in mind while playing texas poker real money games:

  1. Pre-Flop

The first phase of the betting round after receiving your hole and community cards is known as the Pre-Flop stage. It’s now up to you to glance at the cards and select what to do next depending on the hole cards that you received. In Hold’em Texas Poker, a player usually has three options: fold, call or raise.

Call – This indicates that you wish to match the big blind amount.

Raise – When you raise the bet by increasing the large blind, you are effectively boosting the stakes.

Fold – This signifies you don’t want to pay anything to contribute to the pot and instead toss the hand away. To put it another way, you are no longer eligible to participate in the game anymore or win the pot.

If you choose to raise or call, you will move on to the next round of betting.

  1. Flop

The flop in the game is usually dealt with after the pre-flop Hold’em round is completed. 3 cards are dealt in the face-up position on the table in this phase of Indian poker online. In Texas hold ’em, the three cards on the flop are known as community cards. As a result, each player can use them to create their finest 5-card poker hand. Pre-flop betting options are largely identical to flop betting alternatives. The player does, however, have the opportunity to check in this round. According to poker real money game regulations, they can now pass the action to the next player.

  1. Turn

After the flop betting round is completed, the turn, or fourth community card, is dealt face-up just on board. Players can check, call, fold, or raise their hands once more. The size of the starting bet will be doubled for this and the final round if you are learning to play Texas Hold’em. To explain this with an example, if the initial blind for the game was Rs. 500, the same amount will be raised to Rs. 1000 in the next round. Hence, in order to call, the player will have to bet nothing less than 1000. Similarly, the next turn will have the amount raised to 2000, which is double the previous amount. 

  1. River

The fifth street, or last community card, is dealt in the face-up position on the board post the turn round being completed. The betting regulations are largely the same as they are for the flop and turn. This is also the game’s final betting round, and no further cards will be dealt in poker real money games.

  1. Showdown

We’ve finally arrived at the conclusion of our Texas Hold’em tutorial. The participants of the game now enter the final part of the game which is known as the showdown after the river round is completed. The player who has the greatest five-card poker hand at this moment wins the pot. Poker hand rankings are frequently used to determine the greatest 5-card hand combination.

The pot is then awarded to the winner of the game and the game is officially said to have ended.

3. Why use Pokerlauncher?

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4. Conclusion

We hope that this article was helpful in providing a better understanding of Indian poker online, Texas Hold ‘Em specifically, and all the terminologies that are involved in the game. Poker is a game that has a ton of variations and Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular one of the lot.