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How to Prepare For Teaching Online

Online education is the new normal, and people are making use of the internet to access university lectures or general education. As compared to traditional teaching, online teaching is still a very new concept and hence it is natural to take time to adjust to the new technology. Through this article, let’s have a look at how you can prepare yourself and resources in advance for the smooth running of your online class. 

How to Teach Online

The ongoing pandemic has shifted the paradigms of teaching from traditional to online teaching, which has in turn provided easier access to material and time flexibility. This has also opened new possibilities for generating revenue. Here are few tips that you can make use of while preparing for teaching online. The best part about teaching online is that those who are preparing for exams like PTET, CTET, NET, and likewise, will get ample enough time to prepare and also enhance their teaching skills. 

1. Planning

You already are aware of the fact that in the online model of teaching, your students are not physically present in front of you. Thus it is important to act accordingly. Planning plays an important role in this process as time flexibility has already given the freedom to the students to learn according to their timetable. It is important for you to lay down your teaching material beforehand. This gives the opportunity for your students to have a clear view of your rules and regulations for the class, and about the deadlines so that they can plan other things easily in their personal lives. 

2. Getting Familiar with Technology. 

It is important to get familiar with the app for teaching online or any platform that you have chosen for yourself. Trying ad testing every feature on the platform beforehand will give you a slight idea of how and what are things meant for. This will also save time during online classes. You should also familiarize yourself with the maxims of teaching, micro-teaching skills, and likewise.  

3. Setting up an Exclusive Work Environment. 

Working distantly (in common) is the subsequent challenge. In the devoid of just the right surroundings and a fine quantity of self-discipline, work from home job can turn out to be a nightmare. With a small amount of planning, this can be shunned. To begin with, it is important for you to decide on an apt workplace at your home. Preferably, an area with the least amount of disturbance. If likely, this space should be planned for work only. You would like this space to be welcoming and appealing, but also to persuade productive work performance. Keep your work setup liberated from distractions like television, other family members, or household errands. Natural lighting and a comfortable chair can be used as well.

4. Innovate and inspire Group Discussions

Online classrooms, as talked about above, run in a different way than traditional classrooms. These classrooms contain the possibility to feel cold perfunctory. Initiating and encouraging discussions can go reinforce how your students feel and perform in class. Persuade participation, much like you would in class. There are multiplicities of ways you can cheer up partaking, from discussions to posting lectures to conveying reading material, to supervising growth. You want your students occupied on a weekly basis, opposite to just rotating in assignments. Student participation (planned, comprehensive deliberations, for instance) gets your students operational with the material in ways that they may not do on their own. 

5. Exchange a few words frequently

Uphold is a reliable online occurrence. Communication is indispensable in the online classroom setting. Introduce yourself and offer your students to also introduce themselves – assist in bringing kindness and tenderness into your classroom that online classes can with no trouble be short of. Make certain that your students be acquainted with the most excellent methods and times to get in touch with you. Not having a professor bodily in front of them can make a number of students anxious. Try to relieve this by answering questions in an opportune way and providing copiousness of instruction as well as feedback.

6. Encourage Your Students

Everyone learns in a different way – and enthusiasm plays a gigantic part in the learning procedure. At the same time, a number of students are self-motivated in that, learning something novel is all the drive they may need. Assignments that are not required may be eliminated by the students. Think of habits to stimulate all of your students to get the majority of things out of your class. This may comprise giving additional points for online discussions or not obligatory assignments. Deadlines may also help shove forward your more apathetic students. Your goal is to find ways to lend a hand to your students so that they get the largest part out of your class with no benefit that a physical presence brings.

7. Ask For Assistance And Feedback

Your students can offer you precious feedback that can assist you to move your class frontward. With education moving online more and more, your students have almost certainly already experienced an online classroom. This experience may assist them to inform you on the positives and negatives of your overall online classroom. Besides your students, also search to connect with extra online educators. Education is a ‘sharing’ field and so these connections could prove priceless to your online educator growth.

Teaching is a noble job. But traditional teaching consumes you from day tonight. It can be really stressful for most people. This has been toned down with the advancement of online education. Working at your time with flexible hours, not going outside, and communicating well with the students from the comforts of your home is really a dream come true for the people who are interested in the teaching world. Earning while the option to spend time with family and do other professional or hobby work could have been possible only because of online education. 

Though online education has eased up the teaching process, one should never take it lightly. Teaching has been considered a noble profession since time immemorial, and hence one must be disciplined to be able to teach. Yes, earning is natural for providing a teaching service, but it also comes with the responsibility of giving students lifelong lessons. Hence, teaching must be done with the utmost respect as well as regard. 

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