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How To Promote A Video, Reach Thousands Of People And Get New Clients

It is said that, on many occasions, the promotion of a video is more important than the creation of it.

That phrase contains part of the truth and part of the lie. Let’s see why:

  1. What good is a great video if nobody sees it? You can invest thousands of Euros in creating the best video ever to promote your company, but if no one sees it … what is it for? You have to promote it or all the effort will have been in vain. The key:  promoting Youtube video.
  2. What good is a great promotional campaign if the video is of poor quality? You can reach 50,000 people with your video, but if it is unprofessional and leaves much to be desired… it would be better not to have reached any.

You could say that both concepts go hand in hand: you need a great video and a great promotional Documentary Video Production Company Dubai campaign to succeed with video marketing.

Today we will talk about that second part. We will talk about how to promote a video to not only generate visits to it, but also to convert these visits into customers and get the maximum return on each euro invested.

Ready to learn how to promote your video step by step?

1. Before promoting, get the house in order!

The most logical thing is that you upload your corporate video , explanatory video , or type it to YouTube, so before promoting it must devote to tidying your channel.

Taking care of your channel’s design could mean the difference between that person who watches your video sees only one or sees several and ends up convinced that you are the solution to their problems.

2. Upload the video properly

We haven’t even started promoting the video yet, and that is that one of the main sources of traffic for your video (SEO) will depend on this step.

Take care of all the details when uploading the video (title, file name, tags, description) as we discussed in the article how to upload a video to YouTube and you will be ready for YouTube and Google to generate visits for you.

Instead of having to spend money on Adwords or Facebook Ads, Google and YouTube will send you visits thanks to using some of these tricks to position a video:

  • How to position your videos on YouTube in 5 steps
  • The unknown trick to better position your videos
  • 2 easy tricks to position your videos on YouTube

3. Remarketing on your website visits

Do you remember remarketing? This technique to make your videos appear to visitors to your website on YouTube or Facebook after making their visits.

What better way to promote a video than to show it to those who have already shown an interest in your company? Start remarketing on YouTube and Facebook, increase the confidence of your visits and make them see that you are “everywhere”.

4. Don’t underestimate the power of email

Once you have your video uploaded, optimized and generating automatic visits thanks to remarketing, you will need to expand the circle. And for now we will try to avoid spending more money on advertising.

Imagine that you are a local restaurant and that you have created a video with a homemade recipe that you use in the restaurant. You could send an email and ask them to be shared with all these people:

  • Regular clients of whom you have data through reservations by email or phone.
  • Related websites (gastronomy) of your city, province and any corner of Spain.
  • Local newspapers that share news and content from your city on social networks.

The list is as long as your imagination. You just have to send a discreet email in which it is not noticeable that you are looking for them to share your video. An email like this would work fine in the example case:

«Hello xxx (name), I have been looking for information for a recipe that I was preparing on the Internet and I found your website.

I really liked what I saw, how you explained everything and how easy you make it seem to cook that recipe. In fact, I have shared the video / article with several colleagues to see your channel.

Following your video / article I have been inspired and have uploaded my own recipe to YouTube. I leave the link for you to see and comment on it, to see what you think.”A greeting”

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5. Go to Facebook Ads

Adwords, unless your budget is slightly large, may be somewhat far beyond remarketing. But Facebook Ads will help you spread your video and make it visible exactly where you want it to be viewed.

For example, if you want your store ad to be seen only in your neighborhood, you can do it! Facebook is able to geolocate its users and even divide not only by cities, but by areas of those cities.

Take advantage of this segmentation power and create different ads by neighborhoods, cities, ages, interests, etc. With a small budget you can make many variations and get thousands and thousands of visits.

6. Send traffic to a landing page

It would be useless to get 50,000 views for your video if everything stays there. You need to send traffic to a landing page or at least to an address or phone to get them to do something.

Let’s continue using the recipe example. What if at the end of the video you said something like that?

“Did you like this recipe? Well, click on this link now (point to the link) and you can reserve a table at my restaurant and try it at half price »

You need a call to action to convert the visit into a client, never forget it!

1, 2, 3 … to promote your video!

You no longer have excuses. You have all the ingredients to promote your video and spread your business through video marketing.

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