While you might not be an expert in influencer marketing or even know much about it, I’m certain you are interested in learning how to reach your business goals for this year. As we all know, social media usage continues to rise. Influencers help brands get their products to consumers easier than ever. Learn how influencer advertising can help your business achieve its goals.

Get organized

Planning is the first step to an influencer marketing campaign. For any new marketing strategy, it is important to plan carefully. You’ll need to make sure that you have a clear strategy in place for influencer marketing.

Three key elements are important to remember when we speak about the planning process.

1. What are your goals

Understanding your objectives is an essential part of the initial process. What do you want to accomplish with an influencer campaign, and what are your objectives? Each business will have its own goals. But here are the top ones influencers help with. These could include building brand awareness and increasing content creation.

You can use influencers to help you reach your using OKR Software. As brands seek to build trusted partnerships, influencers will continue to add value to the organisation.

2. Who is your target audience

In your planning process, the second thing you should consider is your target audience. Perhaps you are trying to reach the same consumer group as your current audience. Or, perhaps, you want to target a new segment of customers from a different demographic. Perhaps your brand is a female clothing brand and has recently introduced a male line.

This step will have a major impact on the rest of the planning process. Later on, you’ll need to determine which social media channel is most effective. This will depend upon the audience you wish to reach. You should think about their age and location as well as gender and interests.

3. Budget

Before you start any campaign, it is important to set a budget. Your budget will dictate the influencers you can work with, the number of them you will work together, and what incentive you can offer.

Costs will be affected by a few things. Each social media platform will have a different cost. Content and media types will also affect the cost. And shipping and handling is often forgotten.

4. Timeline

Your timeline can also have an impact on other areas. Influencers aren’t always available to you at a moment’s notice. Be prepared to plan ahead. Keep in mind that they can have hectic schedules so you may need to reach out to many influencers before finding the right one.

Additionally, it is important to consider your campaign timeline, including any significant dates, seasons, sales, and events. These could impact when the event will be held. You will need to make sure an influencer is available if your festive line is being released.

Social media channels

Every social media channel can offer great benefits, regardless of your business goals. But some social media channels may be more effective than others. Instagram is the most popular platform for influencer marketing. Recent data shows that 89% marketers believe Instagram is the most effective channel to influence the market. You can also use platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter depending on who you are targeting. TikTok and the other emerging platforms are also in high demand.


If Instagram is new to you, this is the place to start. You will be drawn to its visual content, which is mainly static and grabs your attention very quickly. Content must be high-quality and visually appealing. You can think about color schemes, design aspects and photography skills.

Instagram offers many media types for influencers to choose from. Posts can include both video and photo content. Stories can also be created. You can also post video content on IGTV Reels, Live, and Live.


YouTube’s sole focus is on video content so you need to make sure that it’s appropriate for your target audience. Videos can be a great way of engaging consumers because YouTube influencers have the ability to be completely descriptive about your brand and product.

Video content can be more costly, but it is worth every penny if you’re working with an influential person who has a high-engagement audience. You can establish a partnership where you regularly sponsor the videos of influencers. This will allow them to be more familiar with your brand, which can in turn create loyalty. They will feel that they are getting to know you and your brand, as well as trusting the recommendations from their favorite influencers.


This platform for short-video sharing has really grown in the past year. TikTok influencers have been quickly rising in popularity and brands are now looking to advertise here. TikTok may be the right platform for you if your goal is to reach a younger audience. This may make it difficult to reach older consumers.

The authenticity of influencer marketing is a major selling point. It’s a lot more authentic than traditional advertising methods. TikTok has creative video content that is natural and engaging for the consumer, which makes this a more appealing platform.

Locating influencers

You might be curious about the best way to search for influencers who are right for your campaign. Searches can be done directly via social media or through an influencer marketing platform.

I would recommend starting your own account if you are looking directly on social media for influencers. Pay attention to:

  • Influencers in your comments, likes and tweets
  • Influencers in your brand tags
  • Influencers that might have mentioned you in content

This will allow you to see if these people are already fans. It is obvious that you want to collaborate with influencers who love your brand.

Another option is to work with an influencer marketing platform such as Heepsy. You can use this method to make your time and money more efficient by being able to filter for influencers. Once you’ve determined which type of influencers you want to work alongside, all that is left to do is to input it into the platform. You can search for influencers by their size, location, engagement and language.

This is even better because you can continue the conversation with detailed analysis of influencer profiles. You will receive data to help you understand if the influencer is right for you. Look for influencers that have high engagement, good audience authenticity metrics and most importantly, who are similar to your target consumers.

What’s more is that you can take a look at some kewy resources with Heepsy that will help with your influencer campaign, such as our free influencer contract template.

Take away

There are many things to know about influencer marketing. Do you remember the guide I mentioned earlier? This is a good place to begin. Understanding the industry is key to understanding how influencer marketing works. You can also plan your campaign with care.