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How to Use LinkedIn Effectively to Grow Your Business

With over 830 million members, LinkedIn has become one of the world’s largest professional networking platforms. What was once a simple social networking site to keep in touch with colleagues and clients, has become a wonderful space for boosting your online presence, awareness of your business/brand, and for recruiting top talents.

In this post, we’ll show you how to use LinkedIn effectively for your business success. We’ll outline the best steps to improve your profile, grow your connections, and develop your strategy on LinkedIn. We’ll also help you build your audience fast with modern solutions and LinkedIn automation strategies.

Why Should You Use LinkedIn?

You might think that LinkedIn is just a simple social media site for professionals to connect. While it is at its most basic, there are also a ton of things you can do on LinkedIn to help you connect with your audience and grow your brand. Even if it started as a simple personal social platform, LinkedIn has quickly grown to become a great social platform for business. In fact, using LinkedIn for building your brand is also common nowadays. The rise of LinkedIn outreach automation tools such as Dripify is proof of just how much LinkedIn has grown today.

Top 15 Ways To Get the Most Out of Your LinkedIn Profile

1.   Create a Complete LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is one of the most important parts of your personal brand. Whether you’re a business owner, a freelancer, or an employee. Since most professional people have LinkedIn, those who may be interested or are already working with you can know more about your history and skills by simply visiting your LinkedIn profile.

So, when you first start to create your LinkedIn account, make sure to complete it. The basics include setting up your job title, profile photo, work history, certificates, and skills. 

2.   Have a Clear Goal for Your LinkedIn Presence

You should have a mission and a goal of what you want to achieve on LinkedIn. After stating this goal, you can then decide what you want to include in your profile and what kind of posts you want to publish. 

There are many goals you can achieve on LinkedIn. First, you can use LinkedIn to secure your dream job in a dream city that you love. Second, you can also use LinkedIn to attract potential clients or land more gigs.

3.   Write a Good Summary of Your Professional Career 

Just below your profile photo and current job title is a space where you can write your profile summary. Most LinkedIn users have a short paragraph or two detailing their career history and interest in new job opportunities.

According to experts, this part should be filled with first-person writing, good keywords, and some personality to make you memorable. It’s also advised to stop the use of words or phrases that may seem unprofessional or controversial. Think of this section as your cover letter for a job application.  

4.   Optimize Your Page

Optimizing your profile will help you rank higher on searches. Other LinkedIn users make the mistake of simply completing their profile page and not optimizing. However, if you truly want to stand out, you have to do this important step. Here are ways to optimize your profile better for LinkedIn:

●  Choose a high-quality image and professional profile picture. Profiles with no photos don’t usually appear on searches.

●  Use a relevant and creative background photo.

●  Add important keywords to your profile headline

●  Write a concise, accurate, and relevant ‘About’ section 

5.   Use Your LinkedIn Profile To Showcase Your Best Works

Your LinkedIn profile is a great place to put everything you can’t fit on your resume. This includes all the jobs you’ve accomplished, links to your work, documents of projects, or any other relevant certifications that show your skills.

6.   Build Your Network

After signing up on LinkedIn and creating your profile, start building a network of contacts. Connect with your classmates, batchmates, coworkers, clients, or other people with whom you may have common interests. When sending messages on LinkedIn, try to keep them as professional as possible.

It’s also good to reach at least 500+ connections on your LinkedIn account. But be careful about sending connection requests. Don’t do it on random people you see. Target people in the same industry as you. It’s also okay to connect with people whom you love to work with. Just make sure to create a more personalized connection request so that they will add you back.

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7.   Use Keywords Smartly

LinkedIn’s search engine is one of the most used tools in finding clients and talents around the world. If you want to be hired by your dream employer or be found by your target audience, you must put yourself in their shoes. Think what words they’ll most likely search when they’re looking for someone like you? 

When choosing keywords on your profile, make sure to place them on your headline and profile summary. You can then put secondary keywords in the about section, and other important keywords in job titles and descriptions.

8.   Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are spaces where you can connect with like-minded professionals. They don’t necessarily have to be your colleague or client. Joining a LinkedIn group is like being part of a closed community. Most groups have a few hundred to a thousand members that discuss, help, and support each other. In groups, you’ll also find articles, potential clients, and target audiences.

9.   Always Keep Your Profile Up to Date

Whenever you get a new job, learned a new skill, or published something amazing—be sure to put it in your profile. The more updated your profile, the better chances you’ll be found or contacted by people you want. 

10.   Create Engaging Content for LinkedIn

Just like other social networks, on LinkedIn, you can post text updates, links, images, and share posts from other users. However, on LinkedIn, make sure that the posts you create are useful, relevant, and informative to your personal connections. Being active and sharing insights or experiences on LinkedIn can boost your brand identity on LinkedIn.

11.  Post Visual Content

Capture your audience’s attention by posting visual content such as photos or videos. Although LinkedIn is largely a professional networking site, the algorithm still favors fun and catchy visuals and videos. In fact, according to LinkedIn statistics, posts with videos and images receive 98% more comments than those without. LinkedIn videos are easy and powerful ways for companies to connect with their audiences.

Many companies and brands create video content to talk about their vision and goals. They also share short how-to videos to help their customers use their products or service correctly. So, if you want to have more engagement on your LinkedIn, strive to post more visual content.

12.  Write Articles

LinkedIn has enabled an option for its users to write and share articles through their LinkedIn profiles and business pages. Although articles don’t get as much engagement as visual content, they provide valuable information for the target audience. Audiences who are looking for relevant topics might come across the articles you write. Writing around subjects you are knowledgeable about is also a great way to showcase your expertise in your industry.

13.   Don’t Forget to Socialize

As a social platform, engaging with other people on LinkedIn is the easiest way to grow and create a successful brand. Now, there are many ways to engage with other people. First, you can like/react and comment on other people’s posts. Another way is to personally message people on LinkedIn to start a meaningful conversation.

14.  Endorse Other People

Endorsements are like badges on LinkedIn. They help you seem more credible, and trustworthy, plus they boost your profile visibility. Giving endorsements to people you’ve worked with including your clients, coworkers, and fellow freelancers/entrepreneurs is generally acceptable on LinkedIn. 

15.   Take Advantage of Marketing and Automation Tools

Want to get the most out of LinkedIn? Use the best LinkedIn automation tools to your advantage. With many different kinds of marketing and automation tools today, there are zero reasons not to have the growth you want. The first step is choosing the right tool for you.


As one of the world’s leading professional social networks, LinkedIn is undoubtedly an amazing platform for your business. Achieving goals on LinkedIn is easy if you have the right tools and knowledge about using the platform to your advantage. The tips above should help you kickstart your growth and develop your profile on LinkedIn.

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