Do you want to establish your own consultancy and be your own boss creative profitable business consulting ideas?? If yes, we propose that you follow a list of low-cost, high-profit consultancy possibilities.

Managers and experts in many industries are looking for rentable business consultancies to do something else, have more flexibility in their jobs and make money. No new phenomena is consulting. For years, it’s been around.

As firms remain as lean as possible in harsh economic circumstances, the consultation tendency continues to develop.

Consulting Business Ideas

Here is a list of successful business consultation possibilities that may be established from home or on a small scale with minimal investment:

Import Export Consultancy

Start import export consultancy. Many individuals desire to start a business, but don’t know where to start.

They can’t decide, if they know can start a foreign business. The business of import and export in the UAE is strong and is developing rapidly. People wantimport export consultancy services to understand the basics of import export business.

SEO Consultancy

As an online marketing specialist, the SEO consultant assists the sector. When consumers look for search engine information, websites in the top few pages are generally maximized by traffic. Search Engine Optimization is a method through which search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing rank the website better.

There are hundreds of websites produced every day and the greatest amount of information on internet marketing can’t survive. SEO consultancy is one of women entrepreneurs’ lucrative business ideas.

Business Management Consultancy

Business management consultants provide strategic, unbiased, and objective consulting services that enhance productivity and overall performance for businesses.

A typical project involves meeting customers and the investigation and analysis of data, following which you will provide customers with recommendations, and plan changes. Too exciting, a solid income career.

Business Startup Consultancy

In general, corporate start-up consultants give services to start-ups. They assist you choose a good business concept, develop corporate plans, start-up plans, financial forecasts, pitch decks for investors, pricing, product specifics, product definitions/plans, marketing strategies and plans, sales strategies and plans, and launch plans for companies and products. Only the sky is the limit, if you have that talent.

Business Analysis Consultancy

The consultant for business planning is responsible for the implementation and administration of the business planning process for the organization’s distribution and engineering operations. They also give start-up services to develop a thorough business strategy for company advantages and to facilitate the financial arrangement procedure.

Retail Consultancy

In general, retail consultants give their skills to define a retail strategy for shops or other sorts of retail companies. The objective is usually to boost sales by drawing more customers to the store and items.

There may be marketing, merchandising, shop design, location and even certain decisions by employees.

Risk Management Consultancy

In general, risk management consultants advise businesses on any possible threats to the company’s profitability or existence. It identifies and assesses the hazards, puts in place measures to prevent or lessen or transfer risks if things go wrong. This is a great self-rewarding company that has the appropriate knowledge and experience to begin with a modest initial investment

Sales Consultancy

The overall aim of internet sales consultancy is to turn the path into sales. You will plan the flow chart of the selling process as a sales consultant so that more clients buy the product. In general, Sales Consultants promote products and services and establish on behalf of client’s long-term business ties. Keeping strong after-sales connections, maintaining client appointment registers and completing sales documents, and giving thorough information about the items being offered for sale are the key duties.

YouTube Consultancy

YouTube is increasingly being utilized by small companies to contact internet potential clients. As a YouTube consultant, you develop strategies and aid in generating customer-focused videos.

Online Paid Consultancy

As an ad consultant with online payments, you may provide services such as PPC advertisements, paid search marketing, Facebook ads, re-targeting, display ads and more.

Public Relation Consultancy

Enterprises can establish a good image of a company via effective public relations techniques. The many components of image development and contact with the public are covered by public relations specialists.

Skin Care Consultancy

Colors and makeup kinds Skincare experts educate and teach customers how to makeup. They also determine which products or colors improve the quality and look of the customers’ skin. This company may be launched from home with the proper expertise and experience. In this area, the market potential is enormous.


Not only is counselling a cup of tea for everybody. It is certainly a thrilling and rewarding starting point. There are, however, always risk proposals. The capacity to listen to your client is a requirement while building a consulting company.