Ideas for the personal care of artists

Ideas for the personal care of artists. Designers want to take care of themselves like everyone else, but we need a somewhat different way to some features of self-care. As beautiful and relaxing as a pedicure is, we need something more – something that can prick our creative brains and calm our tender hearts. Oh, and seldom do we want a blow in the fool to keep making art, which can be self-care if prepared with love? Here are some activities and tricks you might find helpful to rejuvenate your artistic personality and re-emerge as the creative superstar and you know you are a good painter and you can draw lotus drawing.

Personal physical care

Sometimes we writers sit for a long time. As we all know, the meeting is set, so get up and take a walk. Aside from this obvious tip, here are some more physical self-care ideas for artists:

Hands behind your eyes

One of my favorite ways to give my eyes rest, as well as a beautiful and fantastic sleep, is to blow my eyes with the palms of your hands. Until now, I didn’t know it had a name, but I’m not surprised. It is relaxing, not only for the eyes, but it also helps calm the mind.

Kick technique: vigorously rub your hands for a few seconds to increase heat and energy. Gently place them on your closed eyes with your fingertips facing up, palms slightly bent. Sit here for several seconds or times – breathe slowly or channel the healing energy into your charming eyeballs.

Streamer for artists

Ideas for the personal care of artists

Watch (and include) this video on stretching the arms, wrists, neck, and shoulders for artists. I look cute when I write this in the library.

A physical antidote to procrastinate or block the artist

Hell, sometimes I sink deeper and deeper into the sofa, engrossed in something I’m doing or writing, and then I realize I can’t get up to walk across the room and draw a bit. I have learned very well to tell myself that I will do it later, which, of course, never happens. Here are some great ways to lure you to the land of art:

Hit hard 3 times and jump. It’s downright silly, and you will scare your pet, but sometimes you need to have such a little technique to get yourself back on your feet. Set a timer on your phone when you first sit down and leave it on a drawing board or easel. When it comes out, you have to walk there. Make the right choice when you are there. (Yes, I make you feel guilty.)

Mental health


I write about my gut feelings from time to time, as I learned from Jess Lively on his Live Show podcast. To write intuitively, you need to sit down with a pen and paper, take a few slow, deep breaths, and write down any intrusive questions or thoughts. Pause after each and listen to the answer coming from you.

It is difficult to ignore what your brain is yelling at you when it tries to intervene but listen to the answers or words that come from your gut or your heart. It is a great exercise to tune into yourself and avoid artists’ mental enemies: confrontation, jealousy, lack of self-esteem, confusion.

To merge

Chat with other artists. Facebook groups, dating, online forums, local art classes are great ways to find your artists. Find the ones that inspire and inspire you. Nobody has time to hang out with jealous and insecure designers. Find or create a group in which to share information, tips, wins, and challenges. Such peer groups are invaluable to the artist’s mental well-being.

Visualization of art

In the same process that professionals practice visualization techniques to advance further in their sport, artists can use them to overcome an obstacle or reach a new level of art. (It looks like a video game.) Before you spit on me for getting it all, ooh, I tell you that visualization can take many forms. From creating a visualization board, when you sit quietly and imagine yourself happy making art, to guided visualizations, there are many ways to use this powerful technique. Jack Canfield has a great article on visualization if you want to find out more. I like the playing card technique.

Personal spiritual care

I am not religious. I will not tell you to go to church here, but I will also not tell you not to go to church if you are holy. However, I believe that spiritual healing is significant for healing and growth, and I wish I had started researching earlier. I fully support meditation no matter what suits you. I am also interested in Reiki and think about the law of attraction, and I find it all fascinating, even if I have ultimately rejected it for many years.

Find something that arouses wonder and curiosity, something you can feel in your gut beyond your physical self – even a little bit – and see if you can enjoy the positive feelings that come with it. If you’re interested in meditation, or maybe you’ve tried it before and panicked because it didn’t “work” right away (you were there), try starting with the initial cycle in the app—meditation study. I enjoyed doing it as a beginner, and then I found Insight Timer, a great free app (you can pay to upgrade).

Personal artistic hygiene

These tips can break down into several categories, but I’ll save them here as they are specific to artists.

An experience

Give yourself time to explore and work with techniques and art materials other than your goal. I do this all too well because I usually jump from one idea to another daily, but sometimes it’s simple to go into a rut when you get stuck in your style or environment and get stale. Dig into Pinterest or find one of my art projects that looks interesting, and you might be surprised at how refreshing it is.

Embrace imperfection

My inner critic sucks, but I let him dominate my thoughts for most of my creative sessions. I recently read some great advice somewhere that made me laugh at how simple it is (and how effective it is). Make bad art. When you try to do bad art, you lower your expectations, silence your inner critic, and do something physically. You’ve tricked your brain out of the art block, and you’ll probably get a good laugh at what you do. Or, either way, you’ll make a career out of bad art.

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