The use of technology in society is increasing tremendously. The accessibility and connectivity to technology can e termed positive, but there are adverse effects it may lead to, like divorce. Studies show that an increase in tech time is causing more divorces than a lack of chemistry between couples. Below are ways technology has impacted divorce.

Social media

Many people check their social media accounts like Instagram followers and Facebook feed before and after they wake. A rift can be generated between couples when one partner discovers their significant other is talking to the opposite sex in their social media accounts. This can lead to jealousy, misunderstandings, and major communication issues. These misunderstandings will lead to divorce as the couple is not working in the same direction. Unlimited use of social media can also lead to divorce, as the partner does not have time to spend with their significant other.


With the increasing technological advancement, more advanced digital gadgets are made, which are admirable to the eye but very expensive. The need to acquire these new gadgets may cause financial hurdles for coupes, especially for those in the middle class. Surveys show that financial disagreements cause most divorce cases to determine what to purchase first and what to wait for. For example, one partner wants to buy a car, and the other wants the new iPhone model. The one wanting the iPhone may not be ready to compromise though a car is more beneficial than the iPhone.


No matter how wealthy a couple is, not spending enough time with your partner can lead to misunderstandings and loss of valuable communication time. A partner who has been working all day in front of a computer and comes home and continues scrolling through their phones will not spend enough time with their significant other. The other partner may feel neglected and devalued. High asset attorneys like an Ohio high asset divorce attorney can give real-life examples of divorced couples who were extremely rich but did not give enough time to each other leading to their divorce.

Social life

Social life has become an obsession to some people, killing social life in real-time. Some partners want to go out for dinner, take a walk in the park or go to a concert with their partners not to spend time together but to gather videos and photos to post on their platforms to show off. They care most about their image online, the number of followers, likes, and comments. Such people do not get bothered by the feelings they evoke in their partners, who they are just using for their social life. The feeling of just being a standby or being used will lead the partner to file for a divorce.

Marriage or being in a relationship requires the partner’s commitment to each other. It does not matter how much money you have, but how you treat your partner will highly determine how long you will be together. Technology should not distract you from spending time with your partner. 

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