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Inculcating the art of running a food delivery business from the kingpin

Food delivery apps have taken the upper hand and have excellent command over food businesses. The revenue of the online food delivery business is expected to reach $136,431m by the end of 2020. Although UberEats, Grubhub, Postmates, and a few other apps are ruling the food delivery market globally, Talabat has single-handedly taken over the middle east market. As of July 2020, Talabat has a profound traffic reach for its mobile apps, website and has total visits of 2.67million.

If you are looking to launch a food delivery app in the middle east or generally anywhere, you need to understand why and how Talabat does what it does in the middle East. This can give insight on how to make your app conquer millions of users.

Talabat’s success in the middle east

The name says it all

No matter how much curiosity and liking we have towards foreign brands and products, regional brands sure give us an authentic feel. The meaning of the name/ word ‘Talabat’ is order or request in Arabic. Thus, by simply naming the app in terms of regional language, the app has made millions of people turn around and notice the app and its services.

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Apps, brand names in regional languages are also easier to remember and will give a profound reach among the audience than any other foreign name does. The same can be assimilated while naming your food delivery app.

Smart analytics and catering services depending on the demand

It is reported in the KPMG report that 3 in 4 people order food at least once a week. On asking the CEO of Talabat about how he sustained the food delivery business amidst the competitive market, he stated the same and conveyed that understanding the demands of the consumers and catering services based on that is what keeps the business going.

Thus understanding the user behavior of the target audience and catering services upon that is integral for the success of the food delivery business or any business for that case.

Talabat has a vision and plan

As of 2017, Talabat has visualized that the delivery and takeaway market is estimated to be around US$3.5 billion. They have also stated that the market revenue is set to grow at a rate of six percent annually. Thus, Talabat not only worked towards acquiring regional customers but also has a clear cut vision of sustaining the business.

Technology stack

A food delivery app can be built in two ways Native app and Hybrid apps.

In a native app, you have separate app coding and programming for each platform like iOS and Android devices, and it gives high-quality user experience and performance. But native apps do take quite some time and investment for deployment.

In a hybrid app, you use a common coding and programming for every platform, and it is quicker and cost-efficient in deployment. Unlike native apps, hybrid apps do not have separate quality standards for different apps, and not every time it suits all the platforms.

Both have their pros and cons, build an app based on your business model, time and cost you can afford.

Technical stack that high-end app development companies utilize for effectiveTalabat like app development is Jquery, MySQL, Linux, Swift, Node JS, Kotlin, Flutter, amazon web services, and Google cloud. These technologies give the app an advanced and multi-faceted functioning.

Wrap up

As you can see, indulging in a food delivery business needs an understanding of the user’s needs and demands. Do an analysis of your location-based business and integrate quality strategies to run your business. The pandemic has spiked the usage of food delivery apps, so make hay while the sun shines and unleash your business into this domain.

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