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Investing in a Point-of-Sale System for Your Franchise – Tips and Techniques

Convenience and efficiency have always been essential to any retail franchise. However, the current chaotic landscape of customer choice has only amplified the importance of franchise point-of-sale systems, user experience and loyalty programs.

Point-of-sale systems have moved far beyond the days of the cash register.

The five pillars of modern hospitality IT platforms now include:

  • Ordering
  • Delivery
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Loyalty & Marketing
  • Operations & Reporting


Upgrading your franchise point of sale systems offers an array of benefits. Let’s delve into five of the key factors right now.

1. Greater Engagement with Customers:

Customer relationships are at the heart of the hospitality industry. Whether the situation involves online orders, delivery, offers, loyalty programs or mobile apps, point-of-sale systems play an integral role in the customer’s overall experience. Subpar systems and experiences can quickly turn customers away and straight to a competitor.

On the other hand, customers who receive a positive experience are more likely to return on a regular basis or they may even suggest your franchise to their friends and family.

2. Streamlining Your Operations:

Cutting-edge point-of-sale systems not only offer greater convenience for your customers, but they also streamline operations for retail staff and management. New POS systems integrate customer loyalty, marketing, online orders, finance/accounting, reporting and connectivity to third-party apps. 

Due to the endless array of food options on the market, customers now expect a certain level of convenience with every order. This means that even if you have a superior product on the menu, you could be losing business to a competitor with superior point-of-sale technology.

3. Growing Your Business

As others in your industry actively work to streamline their operations, your business is at serious risk of being left behind. Whether your new point-of-sale system involves in-person transactions, mobile apps, eCommerce or facilitates all three, they each represent an excellent opportunity for growth.

Let’s utilise an example involving two hypothetical food outlets. One utilises an app for food purchases and delivery, while the other stays true to traditional ways. Certain customer groups may continue to visit the second outlet and pickup orders in person, but a larger share will generally opt for the convenience and speed of a mobile app arrangement.

4. Connecting with Third-Party Apps

The popularity of food delivery services has exploded in recent years. As a result, the available user base has also expanded for your hospitality outlet/business. State-of-the-art POS systems offer a seamless connection to these third-party apps, speeding up the ordering process and allowing you to connect with a greater customer base.

Other types of valuable third-party apps include those built for accounting, timesheets, rostering and stock inventory. Improving these practices will not only streamline internal operations but also ensure greater accuracy across the board. In addition, the daily routine is made easier for your staff – from counter hands to store managers.

5. Creating Customer Loyalty

Beyond the quality of your product, an easy and convenient experience is the key to garnering repeat business from your customers. This is not only through the point of ordering and delivery but also in instances involving deals and customer loyalty programs.

Customer loyalty programs can include anything from membership cards to online deals and much more. The vital element for the business is ensuring that your POS system is equipped to facilitate services of this kind. Businesses and customers may both be lost if a competitor offers superior customer loyalty rewards and technology.

Selecting the Right System for Each Setting:

Point-of-sale systems vary significantly. Systems are purpose-built for different environments and you must therefore select the most appropriate option.

POS for Restaurants, Bars and Food Outlets:

In a hospitality or entertainment venue, a quality POS setup should provide

  • Front of House Efficiency & Counter Sales
  • Kitchen Management
  • Back of House Control
  • Dashboards and Reporting

There are countless brands on the market and each will offer something slightly different. However, all operate on the same basic functionality, in which a centralised flow of information moves back and forth via a computerised system or through the means of cloud technology.  

The scope also plays a major role in this decision. For larger franchises, the POS system you select should be chosen in mind with its level of workability across multiple locations.

Self-Serve Systems:

Self-serve represents a growing area in the world of point-of-sale technology. Of course, self-serve has long been a staple of supermarket and department store customer service. Now, however, this technology can be added to any environment from small restaurants to the drive-thru and small stores in shopping centre food courts.

Brand-new self-serve systems are both reliable and efficient, particularly when purchased from reputable suppliers. Beyond a natural advantage to complex menus, this approach also attracts customers that prefer not to have a face-to-face interaction with staff. This could be due to time concerns or simply their own personal preference.  

POS for Drive-Thru Settings:

Another coal face for point-of-sale operations is the drive-thru – an item of particular importance for fast food outlets and franchises. Drive-thru systems can be self-serve or utilise intercom technology. The beauty of modern POS drive-thru systems is that they both increase efficiency for all involved and reward customers with loyalty cards and memberships.

As drive-thru is inherently based upon convenience, the onus of the franchise is to invest in the proper POS technology to accommodate these needs.

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Finding a POS System Provider:

Franchise point of sale systems can be purchased from a wide variety of brands and suppliers throughout Australia. So, what traits can you look for in the supplier?

  • Track record – are there systems in current rotation and used by notable franchises?
  • Partnerships – have they successfully partnered with venues and franchises?
  • Versatility – are their systems designed for multi-purpose and functions?
  • Cutting-edge Technology – does the POS system utilise the cloud, Bluetooth and touch-screen technology

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