Many people around the world today use proxies. The reason could be more censorship and surveillance from governments around the world and at workplaces. If you are new to using proxies or have used it from time to time and now wonder if it is safe to use a proxy, here are some of the critical points you need to consider to know if the proxy you are using is secure. 

A proxy could be malicious

While the proxy by itself is designed with a noble intention of providing unblocked access to the users, there can be proxy sites run with malicious intent by individual webmasters. Yes, proxies hide the IP from the ISP and monitoring agencies, but what if they watch the data and IP addresses coming into their servers? 

There are proxy sites that run to collect IP addresses and steal data to give it to third parties, who can use the same data for cross-selling and even more malicious intents like credit card theft. So one has to choose a safe proxy like Tamilrockers proxy for their browsing and streaming purposes. 

Out of hundreds of proxy servers, only a few are trustable

Everyday proxy servers pop up on the directories and only a few words to start with, and out of them, only some can be trusted. So it is complicated to find out which ones are those until some news comes out about them cooperating with federal agencies or indulging in fraud. The best way to know about what proxy servers are safe is to read customer testimonials and honest reviews over the internet. One of the best proxies we have tested is tamilrockers proxy. It provides a secure proxy service to all its users. 

Avoid typing in or sending critical personal details over a proxy network

There is no way to know if any proxy in the world is secure and is not monitoring your data. So it becomes essential on the personal side to take care of personal information instead of relying on a third-party proxy network to safeguard you. If you are making payments over a proxy network, make sure you avoid it unless you have a trusted proxy network, and it has a high reputation over the internet. Overall it is better to prevent performing banking transactions over a proxy network. 

Getting banned by certain websites

Today business websites have become proactive. They are aware of users who perform web scraping using proxies. To get this in control, they have a list of blacklisted websites, and most of these usually are proxy websites. So if you are accessing a business website through a proxy, your account could be banned, and you will be unable to reclaim your account in most instances as the site rules are strict against the use of proxies. 

So one has to decide when it is safe to use a proxy and has to take the responsibility of not sharing personal information that could damage the living standards or reputation. Apart from this, choosing a proxy that is reputed and trusted like Tamilrockers proxy becomes essential.