IT-Trends of 2023 – 3 Of The Most Interesting In Our Opinion

Technology has never evolved at such a dynamic pace as it is now. Every year we are dealing with innovations that are revolutionizing not only the IT industry itself, but also the daily lives of almost everyone in the world. Not only are we now focused on producing more and more efficient hardware and software, and custom software application development creates projects with the market in mind at the moment. You can also ask them for a consultation and get personalized advice.

No Code and Low Code

These two approaches to code development may soon revolutionize the IT market. Programming using platforms that allow you to create applications from off-the-shelf components, without having to write code line by line, could make software development more accessible to people without programming skills as well. Therefore, there is a chance that such a solution will help reduce the constant shortage of IT specialists. Their dynamic development will probably soon make it possible to create not only simple and not very advanced programs, but also full-featured applications with their help.

However, code-free and low-code development will make the programming profession disappear. Although this approach to programming theoretically requires only a small amount of skill, creating a truly functional and efficient application will require specialized knowledge. Therefore, we should rather expect that no-code and low-code will not replace programmers, but will significantly speed up the software development process through partial automation.


Cybersecurity became crucial at the beginning of the pandemic, when most companies moved to remote work and began to widely use cloud solutions. With the rapid development of these services, as well as the introduction of 5G networks, IT security will certainly not be forgotten in 2023. On the contrary – the market will need even more highly skilled professionals who can protect the company from increasingly sophisticated hacker attacks. Ransomware attacks are on the rise, among other things, and they are targeting small and large companies as well as government agencies, cities, and even entire countries.

Companies are trying to eliminate threats by implementing additional security measures, switching to “safer” programming languages (like TypeScript instead of JavaScript), or even creating new positions for people in charge of cybersecurity. If you’re just thinking about how you can improve your company’s IT security in the best way possible, contact us – we’d be happy to advise you on the right solutions.

Cloud Development

Widespread remote working has made cloud services grow faster than ever. According to a study by Bulldog 2022 , as many as 63% of IT employees use the cloud. Their biggest providers, such as Microsoft or Google, are outperforming each other in creating new solutions and moving more and more services to the cloud.

To ensure their security and avoid over-reliance on one provider, some companies are also deciding to use multi-cloud solutions, i.e. building extensive cloud environments that integrate many tools with different functionalities. Another important trend is solutions not only for organizations, but also for developers – for example, remote workstations for programming.

However, maintaining a cloud infrastructure comes with many challenges. Managing a vast cloud that collects and processes vast amounts of data requires extensive knowledge of that environment, significant automation, and the use of agile solutions. If you need support in managing the cloud, contact us-we can advise you on the right solutions and, if necessary, provide qualified experts.


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