The opportunity of selling products or services online has helped brands generate more revenues and grow effectively. This is the reason; the e-commerce industry is more enticing to young entrepreneurs than any other business model. Unlike traditional businesses, there are several plus points of starting an online business and the freedom of running and managing the business anywhere anytime is one of them.

In this article, we will share the journey of a Canada-based entrepreneur from scratch to managing a huge network of e-commerce websites and 75+ employees worldwide. Yes! We are talking about Mehtabjit Teja founder of Branzio Watches.

Mehtabjit Teja and E-commerce

MehtabJit Teja started his career in Canada in 2008 as a professional responsible for developing and managing digital campaigns for HSBC bank Canada. In 2009-10 he switched the field and entered the e-commerce and drop shipping industry. When Mehtabjit entered e-commerce, it was a new business model of selling products online over the web. During this tenure, he got to learn and understand the e-commerce basics and started his small drop shipping store and sold it after some time.

After digging deeper into e-commerce, he started his own brand named Branzio Watches to sell premium quality watches all over the world. He leveraged his digital experience and e-commerce skills of many years to build a strong team of eCommerce professionals, and ultimately build a reliable name in the industry. There were many downturns Mehtabjit faced during the journey and never give up.

Now Mehtabjit Teja c-commerce is a network of 15+ established online brands ambitious to deliver high-quality products and honest reviews to help customers enjoy an exceptional online shipping experience. Along with his vast experience and knowledge in the industry, he has adopted modern strategies and methodologies to scale his websites and deliver excellent customer services to Generation Z.

Mehtabjit Teja’s Views about E-commerce

Mehtabjit Teja is one of the popular entrepreneurs of Canada and earns 8-digits revenue from e-commerce websites. In his podcasts, interviews and public event speeches he mostly talks about the potential of e-commerce and the benefits it offers to young entrepreneurs who are entering to the industry.

Anyone can become a successful online entrepreneur by choosing an appropriate niche, the right business model, and a foolproof strategy to achieve business goals, Mehtabjit said. Determination, consistency, and great work ethic are the other important aspects of gaining success in the e-commerce industry, he added.

Digital marketing and eCommerce go hand in hand as using the right online marketing techniques help business owners reach the target audience effectively and build brand awareness to attract and retain more customers. Mehtabjit Teja’s mission is to make e-commerce a more accessible landscape for everyone who wants to boost revenues by selling products online.

Since the digital industry is booming rapidly at a faster pace, no limitations and restrictions make it an ideal and enticing option for business owners and investors. Due to the availability of no-code e-commerce development platforms, digital marketing tools, and automation solutions, starting an e-commerce business is a lot easier than ever before. However, having advanced skills and using the right approach make the journey easier and more effective for both beginners and experts.

As Mehtabjit has an experienced team of 75+ experts in the field, he also offers e-commerce website scaling services to help online business owners reach to their full potential and generate more revenues. He always advises online brands to deliver quick and excellent experiences to customers as it drives more sales and builds trust to keep customers engaged with your brand.


Mehtabjit is a role model and a great source of knowledge for people who are thinking to enter the e-commerce industry. As he is a public speaker too, his online interviews, video guides, podcasts and public speeches are an asset for everyone who wants to learn the dos and don’ts of the eCommerce industry to take a productive start. Whether you want to start a new e-commerce website or want to scale an existing one, you can reach Mehtabjit via LinkedIn, Instagram or by sending a direct email.