Know What The Best Odds Is for US Open.

The US Open- the grand finale of the Hard-court season has now very near to us. It’s now time to cheer up our favorite tennis players in their final matches by offering them a victorious journey. Like every year, there are players who have odds in their favor and have high chances to win the title.

Read the blog fully to know who they are and what their odds against winning are.

Top 3 Winning Odds US Open Men’s Singles:

1.      Novak Djokovic (+150):

Novak Djokovic himself carries a brand value. He has been continuously winning the Grand Slam with his unbeatable performance and techniques. For the last 7 years, he has been playing the Wimbledon Championship run and is favored to win the title. He won the competition in 2018 for the first time.

However, Novak is not vaccinated and it is mandatory to get Covid-19 vaccines to play the game. Only when the authority gives him some form of exemption, he can play. Keep your eyes glued for further updates.

2.      Daniil Medvedev:

Daniil Medvedev is one of the most famous players of tennis in the US open. With an odd of +225, he is ready to attack and win the title for himself. Last year game authority forcibly made him out of the US Open championship. This year he is ready to give a tough fight to all of his opponents.

3.      Carlos Alcaraz Garfia:

Carlos Alcaraz Garfia is a 19-year-old guy who has ready to win the title in the early stages of his life. If something like that happens, he will win the Championship for the first time this year. An enthusiastic opponent for each player present in the arena.

Originally Carlos started his odds at +450. After a fourth-round run at Wimbledon, His odds up went to +350 only.

Top 3 Winning Odds US Open Women’s Singles:

1.      Iga Swiatek:

Iga Swiatek, the # 1 player in US Open women’s championship. At the young age of 21, she won Grand Slam twice. Also, she is the winner of the French Open Championship this season only. The odds maker has predicted that her odds against winning is +225. Many think that this year she can win the US Open Championship Title in her name for the first time.

2. Naomi Osaka:

With the odds of +650 for the US Open against winning, Naomi Osaka is a pretty good player in the tennis game. She has already won two of her four Grand Slam titles in this tournament only. There is no doubt of her being one of the toughest opponents on a hard court.

3. Simona Halep:

The top 3rd player of women in the US Open is Simona Halep. With +1200 odds for the US Open against the winning, she is a significant competitor to all other players. Although she is a 16th rank player on the list she is still a tough thing to overcome.


US Open Champion is coming and it’s time to bet on your favorite player. Above are the top 3 of the players who can win and help you win a bet worth millions. So check your points, and favors and start betting.

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