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Learn About Splunk Alternatives

Splunk is a massive data application that can perform log analysis of the data that is generated in real-time. It is possible to use the software to look up, analyze and keep an eye on all your stats in any data source. After you’ve reviewed the data this software can assist you prepare graphs or reports. The technology is beneficial for businesses since it helps them to identify patterns in the data in order to identify problems and as well as providing information on business intelligence, management as well as security.

If you’re looking to purchase open source software and are looking for alternatives to Splunk for a reason, then you could find alternatives that are good on the market. Other tools for analyzing logs can be useful. Certain of them provide no-cost trials, while others do. Therefore, by using the trial period, you will find out which one is the best for you. Let’s take a look at the open source software which could provide a viable alternative.

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#1. Sumo Logic

It lets you manage the foundation of your application. Analyzing and searching data logs in real time is easy. It is easy to make and combine data. You can track and analyze the events that have occurred in the past and present. It assists in maintaining security and ensuring compliance.

#2. Loggly

It allows you to look through the logs and enjoy an efficient search experience. It also has a web-based dashboard. It mostly gathers information from systems that are Syslog compatible. Check out this Splunk dashboard today.

#3. jKool

It comes with a free version. It allows you to search quickly since it makes use of the English-like query language. You can spot the performance and capacity issues through real-time subscriptions. You don’t require any hardware, and you are able to access the cloud directly.

#4. Mixpanel

It’s also one of the most popular tools for data analysis. It is a great tool to monitor live data. It can therefore assist you in identifying mistakes and removing them. It features a web interface that is easy to set up and use. It can be used to manage and view events. The function of people analysis can be useful to keep track of the history of the user. Therefore, you can reach the users directly via messages, for example. It is also possible to find the actions of each.

#5. Fluentd

It’s free and an ideal open source data collection tool. If you are experiencing issues with your network and you are concerned about losing your data, there is no need to be worried. Fluentd will store the logs to the FS buffer. Therefore, you can access it at any time you’d like. It also offers services like load balancing, buffering and even retries to help in maintaining the robustness.

Pricing: There’s no particular price. According to the needs of the customer, they decide on the amount.

#6. LogFaces

It offers excellent customer support. Send your queries to the company via email and be assisted promptly. The log files are always inside the facility. The software also comes with a fantastic desktop application. It doesn’t, however, come with a trial version.

#7. Sentry

It is an open source software that supports reference maps. It is easy to spot mistakes and fix the issues. There is also the hosted version on the official website. Therefore, if you do not want to deal with the hassle of managing a server on your own, you can utilize the version available to users.

#8. Syslog-ng

It’s also completely free to download and an easy-to-use open source program. It can only be implemented for systems with Unix or a similar operating system. It comes in two different versions. One is an open source version and the other is a premium. It has filters that are great and adaptable. However, it isn’t equipped with advanced filters.


It’s real that Splunk is among the top analytic programs. But, there are many alternatives. The reason why Splunk is so popular is that many businesses are looking for a program that offers an all-in-one solution to their needs and Splunk effectively does this. There are other tools available on the market that could also be viewed as an alternative. They’re also inexpensive and you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

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