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Led Video Wall Rental in Singapore

LED walls are made up of panels with smaller LED modules of various lighting colors. The more pixels a panel has, the clearer the images will be. By having LED modules emitting light against a black backdrop, it offers a clear contrast that allows the video or image to be projected brightly and visibly. Comparing LED wall rental Singapore to conventional screen projections, the resulting effect is much more brilliant and eye-catching. To look for LED walls for your event, the professionals of LED wall rental Singapore will be able to help you actualize your dream event.

LED-wall rental Singapore provides high-definition LED panels that can be customized to various shapes and sizes. Ivan & Levine uses stackable LED panels to create the perfect video wall for your corporate events and functions. This enables you to create visuals in any applications, whether is it large-scaled or in tight spaces, Ivan & Levine has got you covered for your LED wall needs as we are a leading player in the LED wall rental Singapore industry. Deliver your message with a visual impact on your audience with the best-LED wall rental in Singapore.

The pixel pitch of an LED panel determines the clarity of the projected images. LED walls with a larger distance between each pixel are generally more commonly used for outdoor events or billboards, as they have a much greater viewing distance from the audience. For smaller-scale events or venues, you will need a tighter spacing between the pixels as your intended audience will be viewing it close up. You can generally find these different types of LED walls when you are searching for LED wall rental in Singapore, and Ivan & Levine will be able to advise the best method to showcase your displays on LED screens.

Another advantage of utilising LED video wall rental Singapore is that is it able to retain its brightness and clarity even with daylight, and it is not affected by reflection problems which are commonly encountered by other display options like LCD displays. Being one of the largest stockists in LED video wall rental Singapore, Ivan & Levine has the perfect LED wall solution for you and can offer various options that are best suited for your event conditions. We have flat and curved screens with high-resolution displays that can be used in many different combinations to provide bespoke screens for events of any type and scale. Our all-rounded technical team is also not only able to set up LED walls, but also provide maintenance and training solutions.

Look no further for LED video wall rental Singapore as Ivan & Levine has a professional team of technical engineers dedicated to provide and support the right equipment within your budget and preferences.​ This technology is very popular due to its ability to deliver seamless graphics which can be customised to any size and shape, at the same time providing optimised quality and viewing experience. LED video wall rental Singapore also allows you to eliminate imperfections like gaps and lines if you were to use LCD TV screen displays. For large audiences and venues, LED walls are a perfect option as it provides a completely seamless image even for extremely large displays.

It is indeed a challenge to select the best solution among the myriad of options available in LED video wall rental Singapore. Let professional experts like Ivan & Levine assist you on this journey to make your event a success from beginning till the end. Whether it is retail spaces, outdoor billboards, large-scale concerts, LED wall rental Singapore is definitely an unrivaled option in bringing about the greatest visual impact for your event.


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