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LiVe Hacks of Booking Singapore Cruise on Cheap Price

Travelling would be more fun for people if they do not have to worry about the price while booking their dream holiday. And a cruise holiday is something that you can’t even think of going on if you are a middle-class person. But with cheap Singapore Cruise packages, you can live your dream to spend a vacation on a grand cruise at prices you can afford easily. By making the entire itinerary keeping a budget in mind, like hotels to stay, places to visit, and Singapore cruise price, you can give yourself the best vacation time. 

If you are looking for an affordable cruise vacation that should come within your budget, you are at the right place. Roaming Routes- one of the best travel agents in India offers a wide range of Cruise Singapore holiday packages that take you to your dream holiday and take care of your budget. 

Best time to Book a Singapore Cruise Journey 

Records and reviews of travellers who wish to take the Singapore Cruise Journey prefer the month from July to September. It is when the city enjoys maximum celebration and festivals like Singapore Food Festival, Great Singapore Sale, and others. 

If you want a cheaper cruise journey, plan and book your admired cruise when it is almost filled. The Singapore cruise ticket price starts decreasing when it is about to depart from the coast and still has vacant rooms. You can take advantage of the time to book a grand cruise at a cheaper rate. 

Best affordable destinations to cover from Singapore by cruise

1. Sentosa Island 

1. Sentosa Island

A living paradise filled with fun and entertainment is the one and only Sentosa Island. This beautiful island is situated near the southern coast of the city and one of the most admired tourist spots. This single place has numerous attractions like exotic Tanjong Beach, happening nightlife, S.E.A aquarium, an adventure park that will save you the cost of travelling and enjoy the top attractions. 

2. Jurong Bird Park

A perfect place to witness the wilderness and fauna of the beautiful lion city is Jurong Bird Park. Built at the heart of Singapore, this park hosts the unique and pretty birds of more than 400 species. You can spend the entire day as this magical place consists of more than 5000 birds in total. Enjoy birdwatching with your loved ones through your Singapore Cruise tour. 

4. Universal Studio 

4. Universal Studio

Rather than moving to different places and increasing travelling costs, choose places like Universal Studio with everything you need to make your holiday filled with thrill and adventure. Universal Studio is divided into seven-theme based parks- each is based in Hollywood and has unique attractions all the time. 

4. Gardens by The Bay 

Visiting Garden by The Bay is free of cost, and that’s why you can add this famous tourist attraction to your to-do list. Beautiful humongous towers with a 50-meter height that provide shelter to the plants in their unique way are worth visiting. 

Enjoy the famous Garden Rhapsody Show at night to make your night memorable and full of magic in Singapore. 

5. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple 

5. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

The lion city is famous for its tall skyscrapers and modern buildings, and its ancient architecture and temples. One of the examples of such a category is the astonishing Buddha Relic Temple. The temple is home to various Buddha relics and statues and shares Buddha’s fascinating history that you can learn during your visit. 

Any person who wants to spend a peaceful time on his vacation can visit the temple. It also has a museum and dining hall to make your visit worthwhile. 

6. MacRitchie Reservoir 

6. MacRitchie Reservoir

If you love nature and everything related to nature amuses you to the very core of your heart- you must visit MacRitchie Reservoir. An enormous 10 km long bridge built at the center of dense forests is perfect for spending alone time in the crowded city. The views from the reservoir are panoramic and mesmerizing that amuses every visitor. Enjoy a long walk in the evening out there. 

Prices of Singapore Cruise

There are plenty of options that you will encounter when you start exploring a cruise for your Singapore getaway. The most popular cruises available in the city are Dream Cruise and Royal Caribbean. Generally, the Singapore to Malaysia cruise ticket price for staying on the cruise for one day comes in between $214, in which $150 is the ticket price and $60 onboard spending for a person. 

The prices kept varying depending upon the time, season, and type of cruise you wanted to book. 


Planning a whole itinerary and booking a cruise is not a single day job and requires weeks of research, hundreds of phone calls and plenty of browsing. To save yourself from this hassle, book your ideal Singapore Cruise package by Roaming Routes. Being a well-known travel agent, they have contacts worldwide and know how to secure the best package inclusions in the minimum amount. They will save not only your time but also your valuable money. 

Rely on Roaming Routes to book the best Singapore Cruise Journey at a low price. 

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