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Looking for Gold Buyers.

With gold prices reaching new all time highs by the day. If you are in the market to sell your undesirable jewellery, it is important to find the right gold buyer who is offering the maximum payouts for your unwanted gold jewellery. Never in the past has there been a period when the prices have been so high, therefore this ends up being one of the best times to sell your unwanted gold and silver jewellery buy gold bullion nz

To get top dollar for your unwanted gold jewellery its recommended that you begin researching in google all the different gold dealers and what they are willing to pay you for your gold jewellery. 

Ask your friends and relatives if they have sold any of their jewellery to any gold dealers and how was their experience? You may wind up a great recommendation of dealer they have done business with. However, if you don’t get any referrals, then you might need to select whichever gold buyers appealed the most to you from your Google searching. Check which gold buyers are paying the highest payouts for gold jewellery. Check how they pay you and also check if they have any good reviews online.

Undoubtedly, you may find buyers advertising highest payouts.  However, it would be wise to still phone and check that there are no hidden fee’s or commissions.  Many gold dealers sneak these hidden charges in the transaction without you even realising Therefore, its best to check these things before making your selection. Make sure the gold buyers answer all these questions honestly.

 The value of your gold jewellery items that you wish to sell is determined by the weight, purity and market spot price for gold.  Condition of your gold jewellery is not important as most likely your gold jewellery items will be melted and on sold to a gold refiner. Make sure the gold buyers you choose have experience and honesty in testing all your gold jewellery in determining its purity. Hallmarks such as .375 , .750 or 9k and 18k are a good indication of what purity your gold jewellery items are. By checking on the gold buyers website you can weigh with kitchen scales jewellery you have identified by its hallmark. This is a great way to get an indicative estimate of what you will be paid by the gold buyers.

Also make sure you bring photographic identification when you go to the gold buyers you selected to sell your gold jewellery. Try visiting your gold buyer’s website and look at the FAQ, especially if you don’t have a driver’s licence to see what ID you can bring for the transaction to be completed.

Other information can be found in the FAQ that can significantly help you in knowing more about the procedure, payment options and how your gold jewellery items are tested.

When at the gold buyers they should be friendly and test and weigh everything in front of you. Hopefully after reading this article it has given you some insight into how to receive the highest payments for gold jewellery and finding the right gold buyers.

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