Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch Collection: Everything You Need to Know

Louis Vuitton is a famous luxury brand known globally. For 160 years, the brand has offered the best and high-quality items, from clothes, bags, shoes, and down to accessories and watches. Thus, Louis Vuitton will and remain the top-tier among other high-end brands in the market.

Louis Vuitton’s watch collections are not that old or new. The company made timepieces in 2002, after doing intense research and development for two years. Today, the brand still makes the best timepieces you can ever find in the market. In this article, we will walk you through the brand’s best-selling collection: The Tambour.

The Louis Vuitton Tambour Collection

It was only 18 years ago where Louis Vuitton entered the industry of watchmaking. In 2002, the brand introduced its first few timepieces to the world. The Tambour collection was a massive success for the company, and up to this day, Louis Vuitton watch enthusiasts and fans still find these watches valuable.

According to the brand, the Tambour watches were not just pieces brought together to make Louis Vuitton more popular. It was a timepiece they wanted to embark on in the watchmaking industry as the “Maison.”

The first Tambour watch became widely popular, not only to Louis Vuitton fans but also to watchmakers. The timepiece design was very versatile, and it is considered a unique icon in the history of watchmaking. It excellently combines a modern and technological watch that one should not miss.

The introduction of Tambour

According to the Tambour watchmakers, the watch’s name came from a French word that means “drum.” The reference follows because of the watch’s unique shape and size, unlike any other in the market. The first collection also features a chronograph movement, which was powered by Zenith El Primero.

The brand Louis Vuitton is firmly engraved on the dial, and each letter is aligned perfectly with the hour’s position. Its lugs are also short, but the style is still exquisite. The watch’s design did not overcompensate the function, and it is very comfortable to wear even if you use it all the time.

Louis Vuitton truly did not disappoint their fans when they released the Tambour watch. The brand also proved that brown straps also look fancy since most watches in the market come with steel bracelets or black leather straps. Tambour comes in two colors, black and brown, and both fit perfectly in anyone on any day.

The Louis Vuitton Cup

Two years after Louis Vuitton released the Tambour collection, they announced their second watch, which was more of a sports timepiece. From 1983-2017, the brand has been very active in sports sailing, and they have been supporting races and challenges related to that sport.

The Louis Vuitton Cup, which was later on changed into Louis Vuitton Challenger’s Trophy, was an event with tons of races. The one who wins the race will eventually go up and play as a challenger for the American Cup. Thus, Louis Vuitton made a watch that is perfect to wear during the race.

Regatta timers have played a relevant role in the Tambour collection. The Louis Vuitton Cup timepiece was first launched in 2004, and it became an eye-catcher in the watchmaking industry. This watch features an excellent chronograph movement that impressively starts at the beginning of the race up to the end.

Other features of the watch include a subdial at the center to easily read by challengers playing in the race. The first five minutes are also in the color blue, while the last five minutes will turn red. These key features make this sports watch the best for sailing.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Diving Watch

While the Tambour collection was still a massive success after two years of releasing it, Louis Vuitton did not hesitate to make a new version to add up to the group. The Tambour Diving watch is also among the best timepieces to get if you are looking for a worthy Louis Vuitton item.

One of the best things about the Tambour Diving watch is the stunning diving bezel below a sapphire crystal glass. The clock is also 300-meter water-resistant, making it a better diving watch among other market brands. Many watchmakers refer to this timepiece as a tool watch because of how flexible and helpful this watch is to anyone who wears it.


Whatever Louis Vuitton watch model you choose, you can never go wrong with an LV timepiece. The brand offers luxury and function, and stability when wearing their pieces, whether for formal or casual purposes. Get yourself a Louis Vuitton watch today and don’t miss out on their exceptional items.

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