The festival of Raksha Bandhan is approaching near and many of you would have started browsing the internet in order to buy rakhi online for your brother since it is the time of the pandemic and there are barely any chances of you being able to meet your brother and celebrate the festival with the brother who lives in some other town and visits his home during special occasions like Holi, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan or marriage ceremonies in the house. Yet today we won’t be talking about searching rakhi for our brothers. After all, Raksha Bandhan can have various meanings for various people; not just to celebrate your Bond with your brother, you can also make the best use of Raksha Bandhan in order to push away the unwanted attention from random guys in your life. Right from our school days, we have seen girls tying rakhi to their potential lovers in order to get rid of the unwanted attention that they are receiving from them. So you can make use of the sole tactic all over again to get rid of the unwanted boys in your life. Here are a few tips that can help you make the best use of Raksha Bandhan for bro zoning the guys. 

No matter how sadistic it would sound, sending brothers into the brother zone instead of sending them into the friend zone is rather much more beneficial for girls who are tired of rejecting boys or have become tired of finding some or the other polite manners in order to avoid boys in their life. So you can directly get rid of such unwanted attention from boys by disclosing your idea of tying a Rakhi to them. 

If you are feeling sad or feel regretful because you missed your chance of brozoning a guy who had been irritating you then you can still save your day by sending him a rakhi for getting a rakhi for him through same day Rakhi delivery services and approach the guy yourself. Thus, making him feel suspicious and fall prey to your plan of brozoning that troublesome guy. 

If you are tired of making excuses to get rid of unwanted attention from a guy; you can play your turn well on Raksha Bandhan or few days before it by dropping clues to that person about your plans of tying a rakhi to him and you can be extra polite to him by asserting that all you are looking forward to is to tie a lovely Rakhi on his wrist and you don’t even expect a return gift from him. 

You can display a sweet gesture towards the boy by sending him some gifts such as cupcakes or a box of chocolate or a bar of chocolate along with the Rakhi. So that their celebration does not seem to be lonely and they have something sweet to accompany this fatal movement of being bro zoned by their crush. 

Not just for the sake of getting rid of frustrating and irritating boys; you can also tie Rakhi to some of the guys in your circles in order to feel more secure in the social surrounding. This would not even come across as a sadistic plan and would also be advantageous to you. 

You can also send virtual greetings and virtual rakhi to some of the guys who have been sneaking into your DMs with all those creepy messages or would have kept on pestering you over and over again. So if not a real Rakhi then you can still send them a virtual Rakhi or a picture of Rakhi and send them good wishes for Rakhi and along with that, you can also add a message of Happy Raksha Bandhan Bhaiya!!!! I wish I had a sweet brother just like you !!! or I feel so lucky to have a sweet brother like you!!
Keeping all these aside; you can look forward to celebrating your festival with great joy and vigour along with your siblings and cousins and buy rakhi gifts online and avail them through gift delivery services in your town and many other parts of the country.