Moving IT infrastructure Safely: Some Tips

You may be planning to move your business from one location to another due to many reasons. You may need a large space to accommodate newly hired employees or a smaller space to save on the rent. For instance, in the recent past, many companies have adopted a hybrid working style so many employees are working from home and in such a case the employer may think of relocating his office to a smaller place to save money.

Another common reason for relocating a business is to move to a place that is easily accessible to its customers. No matter what is the reason behind your move, relocating a business has always been a very stressful and tedious process. Though it is highly recommended to hire a reputable professional moving company to move your office stuff, it is important to learn about the process yourself. While all other things including files, documents, and furniture are easy to move, moving your IT infrastructure safely is a challenging task.

Moving IT Infrastructure

Moving your office IT infrastructure needs a systematic and strategic plan that starts with reviewing all your assets carefully. Find some good Chicago movers like Moving Apt online and research about them well before hiring anyone of them. Hiring a good and professional moving company that is expert in office moving will be the best decision as it will not only save you from a lot of physical labor but will also lessen the downtime of your business. Here we present a few very important tips that will help you in moving your IT infrastructure to your new office location successfully and safely.

Plan Your Move

The first and foremost part of the moving process is to plan it well. While you might plan the overall process, you may forget to plan the smaller tasks. As you will plan your budget and mode of transportation, packing your IT infrastructure well also needs planning. So, before you start unplugging all the cables of your IT devices and machines, it is wise to create an inventory of all your devices first. Installing your IT infrastructure at your new office before moving your staff there is very important so make sure you plan your moving timeline well for that.

You should consider making a blueprint of your new office space. Check if it has all the connections and cables installed that you may need to run your office smoothly, if not, it is a good idea to get all the IT stuff before you move in with your old infrastructure. Evaluate all workstations, conference facilities, and electronic and electric fixtures well. Once you will assess every place and facility, you will be able to relocate and reinstall your IT infrastructure at your new place easily. This task will also help you in deciding the overall budget of your move.

Backups and Security

Cybersecurity has always been an important aspect of any move. You may put your official data at risk while moving your sensitive IT assets to a new place. You will have to work on the security features of all your IT assets from scratch as all your server room devices that were locked and secured in the old office are kept open and are at risk till you organize and install them in locked server rooms.

Make sure you inform your IT administrative about the move well in advance so that they can take a backup of all important data and use cloud services. Also, ensure that your offsite security is taken care of well by your IT department and offsite system access is readily available for all the employees during and immediately after the move to lessen the business downtime.

Pack Them Well

All your IT equipment is at risk during the move. Make sure the labor is handling all equipment carefully as a simple jerk can affect the working of your delicate computer screen and a fall can damage a hard drive. So, it is important to use the right packing material to pack IT equipment. Use sturdy cardboard boxes and avoid using big boxes to pack heavy equipment. Ask your hired labor to handle each item with utmost care.


Installing your It equipment smoothly is possible if you have packed them well, so make sure that each cable and other parts of an IT device is kept with it. Take pictures of equipment before unplugging any cables and use them as a reference while installing your equipment at your new location. This will not only save your time but will also save your system from crashing due to the wrong placement of a cable. Consider labeling each piece of equipment well and color-code them. Also, make sure that you have hired a team that has needed experience in handling your equipment well while packing and are experts in transit protection.

Now that you have moved and installed all your IT equipment, it is important to test your infrastructure at all possible levels in your office network to ensure its smooth functioning.

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