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NBA 2K21 – Season 4 MyTeam Unlimited Rewards

Patrick Ewing, Chris Mullin, Paul Pierce, Brian Grant, Andre Iguodala, and Alex English are part of the Season 4 MyTeam Unlimited Rewards.

NBA 2K21 Season 4 is upon us. Just in time to celebrate the start of a new NBA season, MyTeam Season 4, The Return, comes with some great prizes. Many activities are available in this season. Checking objectives in seasonal modes such as MyTeam Unlimited unlocks new collections of players. Let’s see the item cards that are acquired from completing seasonal tasks in MyTeam Unlimited.

’92 Patrick Ewing is a pink diamond card with 92 OVR. The stats on this center position item are 87 outside scoring, 95 inside scoring, 90 defending, 82 athleticism, 55 playmaking, and 94 rebounding. ’18 Andre Iguodala from the Philadelphia 76ers has 96 OVR. This card works in a small forward/shooting guard position. Its attributes are 85 outside scoring, 72 inside scoring, 87 defending, 90 athleticism, 84 playmaking, and 62 rebounding. This card has the pink diamond quality. Another 96 OVR card with pink diamond quality belongs to Paul Pierce. It depicts the player in 2008 when he was with the Boston Celtics. This card has the small forward/point forward position with 92 outside scoring, 81 inside scoring, 83 defending, 82 athleticism, 75 playmaking, and 54 rebounding. ’91 Alex English is a diamond card. Acquire this 94 OVR card if you are looking to fill a small forward/shooting guard position is your team. The attributes are 89 outside scoring, 88 inside scoring, 73 defending, 88 athleticism, 79 playmaking, and 62 rebounding. ’92 Chris Mullin from the Indiana Pacers is a diamond card that has 94 OVR. The stats on this small forward/shooting guard item are 95 outside scoring, 72 inside scoring, 82 defending, 82 athleticism, 75 playmaking, and 49 rebounding. LaMarcus Aldridge has an amethyst card. This 91 OVR item with the center/power forward position has 89 outside scoring, 90 inside scoring, 78 defending, 78 athleticism, 49 playmaking, and 88 rebounding. ’03 Tim Hardaway has 91 OVR with 89 outside scoring, 74 inside scoring, 87 defending, 93 athleticism, 93 playmaking, and 44 rebounding. This is an amethyst card that can fill a point guard/shooting guard position.’05 Rod Strickland from the Washington Wizards has a ruby card with 89 OVR. The stats are 84 outside scoring, 77 inside scoring, 75 defending, 90 athleticism, 92 playmaking, and 35 rebounding. The position is point guard/shooting guard. ’05 Brian Grant is a ruby card. This player from the Miami Heat team has 89 OVR and the point forward/small forward position. He has 79 outside scoring, 80 inside scoring, 76 defending, 80 athleticism, 42 playmaking, and 85 rebounding. MTStacks is always there to help you to build the best team with the cheap NBA 2K21 MT coins.

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