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People who acquire degrees in information Technology feel very much interested to know about the best IT jobs in Poland. If that’s what you are wondering.
Then I would like to share details of the most demanding IT job opportunities. That you can easily find in Poland. Let’s start unlocking them one by one.

Senior React Developer

If you are moving to Poland from another country, make sure you have some IT skills. People with such skills can prosper well in this country.
Now the question is, what specific development field do you need to put your mind into?
I would say go and become a react developer. Your career will begin with an entry-level job that might pay low at first. But once you gain experience of three years. Landing on a senior react developer’s seat won’t be that difficult.

Do you know the best part? You can skip the 9to5 job scenario and become a freelance where you can handle remote react development projects- which pays well.
When it comes to taking responsibility for such IT jobs in Poland. It means you would have to deal with complex business data objects and processes that enhance security.
You will handle the integration of the backend system and legacy mainframe host programs as well. As you will work as a senior developer, your main task is to break down a complex programming task into an easier, smaller task for your junior developers.

A suitable candidate for such an IT job in Poland is an excellent team player as you will have to work with a team.
The main requirements for the Senior React Developer job in Poland are having good knowledge of React Library. Also, you must have experience in Java, Spring MVC/Security/Cloud.
You must have good spoken English skills alongside knowledge of relational databases and SQL.

Z/OS Systems Programmers

If you want to work in a challenging banking environment with your IT Skills, one of Poland’s best IT Jobs is the z/OS system programmer. You will become a technical support team where you will provide both on-site and out of hours services for the IBM z/OS operating system software.
You must know how to deal with this operating system as sometimes you will work as a consultant for the team.

Your primary job responsibilities as a system programmer identify and analyze business requirements. Maybe this business needs new software, hardware, or a better connectivity solution. Your strategic direction will help you grow more in this IT field.
You will be an SME (subject matter expert) because you are the one who will handle system configuration and integration. you will monitor its performance and do anything for optimization.

You will try to avoid unwanted cost or save money by using some standard design solution in the business or make the most of unused capacity. It’s your job to offer the best infrastructure solution that meets the business requirements and is super stable and cost-effective.
The best candidate is one who has good knowledge and experience in programming languages. Such as JAVA, Assembler, REXX. The strategic understanding of the data processing concept is essential to handle this IT job in Poland.

As you need to create written procedures and documentation. So you must know how to use PC tools like Word, Excel, and others. You must have a bachelor’s degree in either Engineer or Computer science to apply for this programming job in Poland.

Jobs In Poland

Quality Applications Engineer

It is another most demanding IT job in Poland. Where you have to coordinate and execute all the System and Process Integration activities. These activities are requisite for meeting technical and business needs. You may identify some new functionalities on this job through which the system landscape can be harmonized for particular quality applications.
The right candidate for this job is one who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer science or engineering.

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Besides, you must have good knowledge and experience of IT Systems change management processes and data analytics processes. You must know how to tackle vendors and 3rd parties.
Candidates with excellent know-how of computerized system validation (CSV/GAMP5) are always preferred over other candidates.
As a Quality Application Engineer, you will keep full track of every status and activity in the Quality application, and if some changes are required. You will be the one who will take care of this matter.

You must have to coordinate project/change management activities and make sure that stakeholders can get involved in this change process.


After getting an idea about the most demanding IT jobs in Poland, you are in a position to opt for a job that matches your interest. You may have to start from an entry-level job.
But once you have the experience. It lets you handle high-responsibilities jobs that pay quite well

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