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A few years back, people used to think that it was almost impossible to work from home and earn a lot of money, but due to the massive development in technology now millions of people are making their living from working at home.
Online work has a wide range of opportunities for people with any background. Individuals with an art background can also earn a lot of money by selling their services for Romania Jobs.

Freelance Graphic designers:

Freelance graphic designers make logos, posters, and an entire brochure. There are many platforms where you can get clients for graphic designing like Fiverr and Pay work.
According to a survey, a graphic designer earns around $30 per hour. It is a highly paid job that you can do from home.

Voiceover work:

Many software produce synthetic voice, but there is still a demand for the natural voice because it is easy to differentiate between a robotic and natural voice. Many companies hire individuals for animation and voice overwork.
So that the combination of these two can make a perfect advertisement for their product. You can start to sell your voiceover work for $25 per video. It is the starting level of payment for any amateur.

Teaching English:

Teaching is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It is also known as an international language because it is spoken all over the world. You can earn a lot of money teaching English online.
You can sign up on a website like iTalki to sell your services online. You should expect to earn $25-$45 per lecture through this service.

Data Entry:

Computers are the best in processing the data, but they still require humans to feed data. That’s where a company hires some people to enter their data in the computer. This job requires essential skills to use the computer and some software like Microsoft Excel.
There are many online jobs in Romania for this skill. You can easily earn $12.5 per hour through this service.


It is the primary job that a student with an art background does. Many companies hire artists to make different artwork for them, and they sell them in higher markets to earn profits.
You can make a gig on Fiverr to sell your artworks. You can also advertise your artworks on Instagram where you don’t need a third party and earn more money. The earnings depend upon the standard and quality of your artwork.

Virtual Assistant:

Many companies hire people from different backgrounds to work for them online. For example, if there is a software house, they can hire a marketing assistant to help them sell their applications and earn a lot of money. Similarly, different arts graduates in Romania can also sell their services and advice online to various companies and get paid in return for that. VA earns $15-$25 depending upon the services they are providing.


You can also do photography and earn a lot of money for that. A photographer is a person that captures different landscapes and makes money through selling his creative pictures that are either beautiful or gives a hidden message.
There are many beautiful landscapes in Romania where you can capture stunning photos and sell them online. It is one of the best online Romanian jobs. A photographer usually earns $30 per picture.

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It is the best option for students with art backgrounds. If you have good sketching skills, then you can become a cartoonist where you design different cartoons. You can sell your ideas online and earn money in return for that.
The cartoon’s entertainment industry is of trillion dollars, so it has great potential and money. All you need is to make some innovative sketches of cartoons on paper or by using computer drawing tools and earn a lot of money. A cartoonist usually earns more than $100 for selling each cartoon character.


There is a wide range of opportunities for online Romanian jobs. Art students can also get different artistic and non-artistic jobs. Many people don’t want to do jobs.
Instead, they want to work online because it is a more comfortable deal than working at different offices with different people. You can visit to check out different jobs for art students.

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