As per a survey, almost 33% of people worldwide struggle with the problem of sleeplessness and have a disturbed sleep cycle. In this article, we will be covering topics like these only and answering your questions on room temperature, food-types, lavender usage, and more stuff which plays an important role in your sleep cycle.


Most of the people look out for other ways and solution without getting started with the most basic ones. Is your room temperature too cold or too hot?

Its been said by the experts that the temperature of your sleeping area decides how long and well you’re sleeping. If the temperature isn’t right, your brain won’t be able to match the temperature of the body to the room. 

In a cold room, it gets easy for the body to go to sleep in comparison to a very hot and humid one. The comfort level of your sleep also affects the quality of your REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, the stage in which you dream. 

It is impossible to set a range of comfortable temperature to sleep, but getting a smart air condition system like air conditioning Sydney can make your temperature ideal for sleeping.


Lavender is an evergreen plant that can be found in more than 40 types of species. It is a fast-growing plant, which is known worldwide for having medicinal powers to it. The plant’s flowers, leaves, and essential oil are all used as natural medicines. 

However, they are also taken orally to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia as well as physical pains like headache and toothache. 

It works as an anxiety reliever and sedative to increase the feeling of relaxation and calm. Since it been used in many of the aromatherapies for sleep and relaxation it becomes a natural choice to go for.

Many people keep the lavender-scented candles, perfumes, and incense sticks in their room. Lavender oil application on the forehead also helps in sleeping.

It should be avoided by pregnant or breast-feeding ladies, people going through a surgery, and hormonal sensitive cancers. 


There is no doubt that today technology has improved our daily lives a lot and brought advancement in almost all the sectors of life. But what we don’t realize that we are making it ruin our sleep cycle as well.

Almost every individual goes to their bed with their mobile, laptop, or tablet to give them company until they doze off after spending hours gluing to the screen. 

Just after the usage of 1 hour, the bright light coming from these devices blocks our sleep hormone called melatonin which is responsible for directing our brain and body to go to sleep. Just One Hour!

It is advisable to leave the phone on silent while going to bed. Also make it a rule to switch off all the devices like television, computer, or laptop when you come to bed.

A good book reading is an excellent way to say goodbye to your long tiring day. Not only it will make you more productive but won’t even harm your eyes from the blue rays. 

Reading not only improves your health, it been found that it helps in releasing stress, improves memory, makes you more productive at work. Choose books which are light-hearted, inspirational and gives you a sense of calmness and avoid crime thriller or mystery which makes your heartbeat pumping as it will negatively impact your sleep.

A book won’t just make you a better person, or improve your health drastically but also helps you sleep. What a better way to improve the sleep cycle right?

If you have a lot of guests coming over, or your children sleep in a different room and watch tv in a living room it is advisable to a ducted air conditioning Sydney which will not only save up your monthly bill but keep the sleep perfect. 


Struggling to get a goodnight’s sleep after a hectic day? If you have tried all the tips we have talked about above and still not getting the help, the problem lies in what all do you put into your body. 

Ba making few certain changes in your dietary regime, what food to have or avoid before bed or throughout the day can help you a lot in the long run.

We’ll first talk about a few general tips along with good and bad foods for bed:

  1. Avoid eating late at night, as your body starts the energy making progress, keeping you active.
  2. A large portion of food troubles your tummy, have small portions, and chew it properly.
  3. Avoid sugar, caffeine, and chocolate at night.
  4. Some good food options are kiwi, banana, lemon tea, chamomile tea, walnut, and almonds.
  5. Bad foods which are needed to be avoided are candies, spicy food, coffee, tea, alcohol, and chocolate.