Portable Document Format (PDF) has saved so many people with their electronic file needs. PDF files are hailed as the ideal file format that ever existed. Due to its compact design and tamper-proof feature, more people prefer using PDF files than actual books. PDF files always come in handy.

However, there may be times that we need to edit some components, which means it is also essential to work with a reliable converter tool that allows you to change the format of your PDF whenever needed. Luckily, PDFBear is a free converter tool that you can easily access through your browser. Check out these incredible PDFBear features.

Straightforward Process

If you are a working person that settles on a strict schedule, you need a tool that works quickly. Thankfully, with PDFBear, you can convert PDF to Word files within seconds. You can make a few clicks, then let the tool do the rest of the work for you.

Its straightforward process has helped many people who have no prior knowledge or experience with using conversion tools online. Following the four-step process, file conversion will indeed become effortless. Besides, these instructions are also visible on the main site.

  • Step 1. Press on the “Select Files” tab and manually browse through your folders for a PDF file to upload. Alternatively, the “drag and drop” feature could be much easier and faster for uploading.
  • Step 2. PDFBear will begin scanning and extracting texts from the PDF pages. This process should only take less than a minute to complete.
  • Step 3. Please wait for a few seconds to receive the new file.
  • Step 4. PDFBear will finally flash the newly formatted Word file on the screen for you to download. Don’t forget to save the file on any device or share it on your Google Drive or Dropbox.

Safe and Secure Converter

Your file’s security is the number one priority of PDFBear. PDFBear protects your files using the newest and advanced security system that blocks any unauthorized people who want to access your files. Hence, you should cut all the doubts and worries as long as you are with PDFBear.

Moreover, besides the 256-Bit SSL Encryption, PDFBear also uses a technology that deletes your files from their server permanently one hour after you have completed converting your file.

User-Friendly Interface

One of the top reasons why PDFBear is a leading software today is because of its user-friendly interface. PDFBear’s simple font style, design, and color motif help many users to understand the instructions. PDFBear decides to put less complicated words as users deal with plenty of them with their files already.

Accessibility and Compatibility

In terms of accessibility, PDFBear has no problem with that. You can make easy access to PDFBear and its tool anytime and anywhere. Unlike many other tools, PDFBear does not have limits. It supports different platforms, so whether you are using a Linux-based, Windows-based, or even an Android platform, you can still make any file conversions.

Only that you have to secure a functional device and a stable internet connection to smoothly enter the website, either you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you can still access PDFBear.

Cloud Conversion Enable

With this cloud-based tool, you won’t have to worry about your device’s space storage being consumed since conversion happens through the cloud system. Also, PDFBear’s cloud conversion enables anyone to convert a file anywhere without downloading and installing different applications and software.

This cloud conversion feature makes the tool universally known and used. This is why using PDFBear will always be convenient and efficient as long as you are connected to the internet; PDFBear can serve you one hundred percent.

Other Functions

PDBear’s conversion tool is not the only tool available on this website. PDFBear has a complete PDF tool that you can use for free. PDFBear can also compress, split, merge, lock, unlock, and repair your PDF files. Isn’t that incredible? Yes, PDFBear can solve all your PDF setbacks, so there is no need to visit multiple sites to use a different tool.

Besides the PDF to MS Word converter, PDFBear also supports other file formats, such as MS Excel, JPG, PPT, and HTML.


Managing tons of PDF files is not as easy as you think it is. You will always encounter drawbacks. You might need to edit a PDF file or send a Word document to your boss; PDFBear could be the best solution to that. Not only that it converts fast, but it also protects the confidentiality of your file, which is an incredible deal by a free website.