Years ago, there were websites, social media platforms and blogs, but not so many podcasts or podcasting platforms.

And although podcasting has been getting very popular in the last 5 years, there is a trend that we are seeing where it is going to at least double in popularity in the next few upcoming years.

What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is an online distribution of audio files on useful topics and entertaining content via the Internet. A podcast is a downloadable audio file, usually in MP3 format, available on different Internet platforms.

After you have downloaded a podcast, you can listen to it on any device like a computer or even transfer it to a portable device like an iPod, cell phone, or on other devices. Or you can listen live on your media devices as well.

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Below are some of the reasons that have been making podcasting more popular in recent years.

Podcasts are accessible

The main reason why podcasts are getting popular is that podcasts are often readily available for everyone from everywhere. Anyone who owns a smartphone can listen to a podcast of interest. Even if a person does not have a smartphone, he can listen to many podcasts from a website using his computer.

Podcasts are easy to make

Anyone interested in creating a podcast doesn’t need a Hollywood producer and a huge bank balance to create a podcast. It is a general observation that most podcasts have been launched out of living rooms, basements, and even kitchens.

Multitasking and Podcasting

In this busy era, the podcast format allows people to listen to it while doing routine work. Audio content is helpful as it supports multitasking. As revealed in a recent study, 49% of podcast listening occurs at home and 22% while driving. About 11% of podcast listening was noticed at work and 8% during exercises. Lengthy podcasts let the listener have a deep dive on topics of their interest.

A Podcast for Everyone

Another plus point of the Podcasting format is that it provides endless variety and choices. A person can search and found a podcast on just about any of the topics he wants to listen to.

Listeners can choose from, news, opinions, crime podcasts, pop culture podcasts, comedy podcasts, or whatever one feels is good content worth listening to. It is now effortless to share informative content on a podcasting platform for a budding podcast creator.

Reaching the Perfect Audience

Podcasting is also becoming popular as it is also of great significance when it comes to advertising. A large variety of podcast topics let the advertisers reach the right niche consumer markets and their targeted audience. They target highly engaged listeners more easily.

Moreover, “Host-read” advertisements are more trusted by the listeners as an unfamiliar voice does not interrupt the episode flow.

Podcasts build community

It is noticed that many popular podcasts have surprisingly built a nice following line shaping a community around the listeners. Everyone from this community is always excited and waiting impatiently to release the all-new episode as per schedule. As marketers, they establish Facebook groups or other discussion platforms through their podcast community because many listeners are already active on different social media.