Digital presence of businesses has never been stronger and more competitive. This is why in order to succeed in your domain, you need to step up when it comes to your own online presence. Regardless of how well you may conduct your business, it is all irrelevant if nobody is there to see it. In that respect, here are some aspects of digital marketing you can work on to become more noticed online and attract new customers.

Do your homework

Just like any other major task, this one also requires extensive preparations. Your first mission is to do your research when it comes to the competition. Take a look at the first dozen Google search results when you type some keywords of your business domain. List the most popular businesses that come up as the result and start digging into each and every one of them. Think of categories which you will be grading during this process. You should consider UI/UX, marketing strategy, social networks, practicality of the website, the offer of products or services, customer policies, etc. After that, you should write down both positive and negative feedback for all these businesses. When you are done, you will have your digital marketing strategy in front of you. Your goal now will be to integrate all the good things into your own business and to improve on the negative sides of your own, as well as others.

Volume up on the social media

When in doubt, opt for investing in social media. It is the best way to make progress for your business. The area is ever growing and you can never know too much about it. If you are uncertain where to start, taking up some courses should be a solid plan. Once you learn a bit more on the matter, you will be able to make some drastic changes in the way you handle social networks. You will learn that each and every one of them is different and you should try to make the most out of each one. They are a great marketing tool and they can also help you analyze your audience and attract new one. Believe it or not, there is a whole science behind social media when it comes to the core time for posting new content, frequency of posting, as well as the qualities that are valued. Make note of everything you learn and start working on your plan to refactor your social media. It is guaranteed to liven up your whole business.

Optimize your video content

Our attention span has significantly decreased since the boom of the internet. We are constantly surrounded by sensations coming from our phones, tablets and laptops that it is difficult to concentrate on something that is not being served on a platter. In that respect, having video content on your website could be a great feature. However, videos are tricky as they need to be extremely short and entertaining enough for the person to keep watching the video until the end. Making video content will save you a bunch of text given that the audience would actually watch and listen. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on that, so we would suggest keeping the text, in the shortest possible form and adding a video for people that don’t feel like reading. Do this for your most important or interesting web pages or sections. Make sure the video is concise, people don’t like watching long videos. Also, keep it moving, make it fast and efficient. Try to convey a direct message without saying too much, add some music and you will have your awesome video for the TL;DR audience.

Maintain a certain standard

One of the most important, but not as obvious factors in making a name for yourself or your business, in this case, is consistency. Every serious entrepreneur needs to set a quality standard and stick to it at any cost. This refers to anything from image quality, writing style, customer policy, posting frequency, discount rates to font size and style. Once you establish your standard, nothing less should be allowed to be posted from any of your accounts. Moreover, setting a standard also means you should always strive to add new things that will put you ahead of your competition. For instance, go out of your way to improve your product images. High quality cameras, 3D rendering and using augmented reality to display your products will amaze your potential buyers. This kind of a display will enable them to see every aspect of the object displayed and even place it virtually in their own environment. Customers will love it and they will want to see this feature in other places, too. This way, you will set the standard not only for your own business, but for the whole industry.

Partner up with influencers

Using influencers for marketing purposes may be something completely unknown for you, but it has become widely popular and, most importantly, it brings results. If you would like to attract more customers, boosting your social media strategy is surely a way, but it would be even better if you teamed up with an influencer of your choosing that is adequate to spread the word about your business. Of course, depending on the nature of your SMB, you should choose the right influencer and you guys will need to try and convince people you are a right fit. Even if you think it is silly, check the success rates of people who tried using this strategy and then see for yourself.

All in all, digital presence is the new signature of all SMBs. It is an ID card that has a role of filtering out your potential customers. Ones that like what they see will dig deeper, while others will simply move forward. However, if you work on the aforementioned categories, you will be on your way to having a marvelous signature and you will not have to worry about a thing when it comes to being popular and doing good business.

Author Byline: Liam Collins is a tech pundit and Web enthusiast working at He spends most of his time reading and writing about the current affairs in the world of information technology. When he isn’t working, he likes going for long bike rides and walks in nature.