Have you put up an e-commerce site to sell your products online? Excellent choice, if it has been preceded by a correct feasibility study and market niche. But your next step, now, is how to correctly load the product sheets, to better present your goods. How you do it? Here are some tips that you can immediately make yours.

Selling online, how to make an effective product sheet

To sell online through your Alltech Source e-commerce effectively there are some essential characteristics that your product data sheets must have. If you don’t have time or don’t feel able to fill them out yourself, look for a freelance who has skills in microcopy and entrust him with this task. Whether you decide to write the cards yourself, or in the second case, it is good that you know how to create a micro-content capable of selling.

1) Tone of voice

It is important to define the tone of voice a priori, also based on the niche in which you want to position yourself and the target you are targeting. Try to keep the same tone of voice in all the product sheets to give uniformity to your e-commerce.

2) SEO and CRO optimization

Another aspect on which to maximize efforts during compilation is the optimization of the product sheet for Search Engine Optimization. The study of keywords is essential to ensure that your potential customers identify you online in the e-commerce mare magnum. Tag title, Meta description and above all the SEO related to the images you will upload, must be created with care.

CRO must also be treated. CRO stands for conversion rate optimization services, also called conversion marketing. Taking care of marketing with the aim of increasing conversions is fundamental for making an e-commerce flourishing

3) Persuasive copywriting

The only chance you can have compared to a competitor, at the same price, is to make the user understand that you – for him – can make a difference. Write or have product sheets written that are based on persuasive copywriting and that explain well the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the goods you sell. It is forbidden to copy the descriptions, even from the parent company. Complete everything from photos in excellent resolution and you should have a higher gear than your competitors. In particular, during the drafting, focus on:

  • Advantages
  • Full price and discount price
  • Product reviews

How to sell online, 3 foolproof tricks to create an excellent product sheet

By following these points – in addition to those mentioned above – you will be able to write truly valid product data sheets, able to make your e-commerce make a qualitative leap.

1) Pay attention to the number of words

Don’t write randomly. Too little text (a single line, for example) or too much text is not good and Google risks penalizing your site because you do not place the customer (and his legitimate right to be correctly informed) as your priority. So how much do you have to write? Not the bare minimum, given that the Google Panda algorithm update demerits laced content in favor of more full-bodied ones. A good product sheet to sell online must have a range of words between 300 and 450. It is not advisable to go beyond 450 words in order not to lose the user’s attention.

2) Never duplicate content

We have already said this, but here you will read a further study. You do not have to duplicate content by copying the product descriptions neither from the parent company nor from other sites because Google applies heavy penalties against duplicates. But also be careful not to replicate the same snippet or description on multiple pages or products on your site. This is also assessed by Google as a penalty for your e-commerce. It is true that it is complex to generate ever-changing content especially when dealing with many pages (e-commerce sites have many) and working only on product sheets. But varying the words of the text is fundamental and now you are fully aware of why.

3) Use verbs frequently and adjectives … sparingly

Because? It is soon said. You don’t have to write to entertain, you have to write to sell. And to sell online. It is a (persuasive) copywriting trick that helps the reader to move towards the action which is then the desired result (and reachable thanks to the purchase of that particular product). A verb responds to customer needs, an adjective simply describes the product. Yes, instead of using (sparingly) sensory adjectives, such as the word “juicy” which help and guide the user to visualize the result. Of course, everything must be contextualized based on what to sell on the internet.


Now you have all the tools to correctly write the product sheets of your e-commerce to sell online. If you don’t want to deal with it in person, you can always hire expert in copywriting and microcopy who can take care of the cards for you.