Pros and cons of meeting someone online

The old-fashioned way of dating involved people meeting face to face and spending time with each other. But online dating changedthe game when the internet became reasonably accessible. Now it is way more easier to meet like-minded people or even find potential matches for dating. Meeting people online can have its pros and cons as listed below.


  • The pool of people or individuals that you can connect with increases tenfold. With in-person meetings, you can meet people who are in your social circle or your locality. But with online platforms, the person could be anywhere – the same city, next state or a different country!
  • You can either meet anyone and everyone online or filter to see those that match your interests or values. Dating apps have preference fields or filters through which you can match yourself with relevant profiles. It could be similar spiritual beliefs, culture or community that brings you together.
  • On dating apps and sites,you can specify what you are looking for and be upfront about it. On chance meetings or in-person meetings, often we don’t know what the other is looking for and we can find out only through talking. This may take some time to gather and understand. But with online apps, people are very clear on their end goal.
  • It provides you with an opportunity to get to know a potential match or partner. Often,we areblindsided by the dates we have and an app with chatting or video calls can make it easier to get comfortable first and then meet. You can chat about whatever you like – hobbies, jobs and even risqué topics like sex and sex dolls.
  • Most of the time you get to know what a person thinks like, within a few conversations. You can get to a comfort level if you both are on the same page. However, at the same time, you can also filter uncomfortable conversations and block that person out.
  • Dating apps allowyou to maintain confidentiality and privacy. Unlessyou openly give out information to the other person, he/she will not be able to know these things about you. An app keeps most information private to protect its members.


  • The apps and their filters can make you stuck to certainpreferences and you may not be able to explore. Often, happy couples will tell you that they are exact opposites and when we look for a match, we prefer similarities. This already restricts us to fewer people who may or may not be perfect for you.
  • An online dating profile may not tell you everything you need to know. This is why you can’t make a decision solely based on someone’s persona or profile they have displayed online. You won’t know how good someone is withoutone-on-one conversation or seeing their non-verbal behavioral cues. Qualities like compassion, chemistry and empathy may also not seem apparent online.
  • Most apps put a lot of emphasis on physical attributes and attractiveness. But this isn’t the only thing that will keep two people together. More is needed and an online app may not give you that.
  • Internet is full of scammers and tricksters and they may also be on dating apps. A lot of them work for monetary benefits and use romance as a way for it. There have been instances of scammers confessing their love and then asking for money on the pretext of an emergency.

People lie about themselves online. And a perfect example is social media where everyone shows how good and fun their life is, but is it really? So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if a potential match is lying on his/her profile. In one dating app, 61% of users had reportedconcerns about misrepresentation.

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