Important Tips To Prepare To Qualify Microsoft Certification Exams

Microsoft certifications are among the top IT certifications out there and are in high demand among professionals nowadays. It has also been observed that employers tend to narrow down their selections usually to those candidates who already possess certifications in the required domain.

Therefore, having a Microsoft certification will be highly beneficial for you and will boost your career opportunities. Microsoft offers a vast range of certifications, giving you a lot of options to choose from. 

Being a Microsoft Certified Professional would increase your reputation in the IT industry. It gives employers a reason to recruit you. These certifications validate your skills in the domain and prove that you are hard-working and possess the right experience and knowledge of the topic. 

This article will help you prepare for your certification exam and give you some essential tips to pass the exam on your first attempt.

Import Tips To Clear Microsoft Certification Exams

1. Identify Right Certifications

You must identify the skill you will be getting certified- Microsoft offers certifications for various domains. You can go through the website of Microsoft to know and understand which skill interests you the most. Here are some certifications provided by Microsoft:

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate 

This certification tests your skills in cloud security, security controls, threat protections, securing networks and creating a secured network system. 

  • Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Certification

This certification tests your skills for implementing and managing storage, deployment and management of Azure resources, along with the ability to configure and manage virtual networking. 

  • Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Certification

To pass the Microsoft Artificial Intelligence certification, you must have the foundational knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and the way to implement them on Azure. 

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Certification

This certification validates your skills and knowledge of the complete topic of cloud computing. The growing demand for this certification and skills is unmatched. It will be highly beneficial for your resume and career path. 

2 Follow A Timetable

Prepare a time schedule during which you will entirely focus on your studies for the certification exam.

3 Understand The Curriculum

Look into the topics that the exam will cover. Reviewing all the topics will allow you to understand the complete topic and see what skills you will be tested on. 

4 Prepare Notes 

Maintaining real-time notes will allow you to look into the notes at the last moment and for end-moment preparation. 

5 Focus On Practical Application

Use remote laboratories to get a detailed understanding of the topic. You can also give practice tests to know what are the loopholes in your preparation.

6 Relax & Stay Calm

Relax before giving the exam. Don’t panic and go through the complete course at the last moment. Relaxing your mind will help you stay fresh during the exam, and you will recall everything during the exam.

How To Train For Microsoft Certifications Online?

While preparing for the exam, you can also look into Microsoft certification training programs provided by several companies. Koenig Solutions is one of the best services that prepare you for the Microsoft Azure certification exams. 

It offers a range of resources and practises tests for you to prepare well. The Microsoft certification courses provided by Koenig Solutions will prepare you entirely for the certification exam. The training will also give you a complete understanding of the domain. 

Koenig Solutions also offers several features to its candidates, as one-on-one interaction with the instructor will allow you to clear all your doubts regarding the topic. You also get a flexible timetable, access to remote laboratories and many more.

The Microsoft online courses offered by Koenig Solutions are highly beneficial for you. After completing the course, you will be able to score well in the certification exam. 


Microsoft certifications are highly recognized around the globe. And therefore, all the efforts you put in to earn the certification will be worth it. Apart from validating your skills in the domain, these certifications also increase your career opportunities in the IT industry. 

Furthermore, certifications generally give you the chance to stand out from the other candidates while recruiting. Completing any Microsoft certification will allow you to earn a higher pay scale than the others who don’t possess the certification.

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