Are you planning on using a crowdsourced logo for your brand or business? If yes, then maybe you should give it a second thought as everybody wants their brand to prosper and build with time? Do you have complete confidence in crowdsourced logos compared to a custom logo design that will be timeless and make your branding game strong? It’s easy for people to fall into the trap of claims like inexpensive, time saving, as well as fast deliverance. Yet, most people ignore the other side when working on their logos.

The first and most important question is, do you know exactly that your logo will be perfect in every way? Or are you sure about your logo being strong enough to stand the test of time when the competition gets tough? I know that the decision, in the end, will be yours and yours only but take a few minutes out from your busy schedule and read the article on why you should consider crowdsourcing your logo. Here I have some interesting facts about why you should prefer a custom logo design. 

What crowdsourced logo is?

In case you don’t exactly know about the crowdsourced logo, let me tell you what it is? The logo obtained from the online competition is referred to as a crowdsourced logo. When you assign a logo to several people simultaneously instead of assigning it to a single being, you get different logo designs at once. Then you can select the closest one according to your requirement. There are several platforms where you can publish your project, arrange an event, set a deadline with prize money and get several logos. 

Yes! It is the cheapest way where you just have to pay a small amount of prize money, and you get many logos to decide from. But, it’s also possible that there you couldn’t even find a single one you think of as the closest, matching your requirements. Would it be good to make it a face of your brand that you are not even sure about?

Why it isn’t good for your brand?

Seems simple, yeah?

When we accept everything and anything crowdsourcing logo design suppliers say, each company host’s work would be a pleasure. Hold on a minute, don’t be fooled by all the tricks these crowdsourcing services promise to have.

There are specific unpleasant facts regarding a crowdsourced logo that you should reveal to determine what is suitable for your company. Continue along as I deconstruct every promise and explain why utilizing a crowdsourced logo is detrimental to your company’s well being.

Logo design with plagiarism

A crowdsourced logo creation appears to be an excellent alternative to a custom logo design– you could select between various styles created by other creators and expect to be paid for the one you want. A crowdsourcing contest, however, is open to anyone. No prior training or profile is required.

Your newfound “designer” is unlikely to have any creative talents, but they may frequently plagiarise other people’s work or make logos by gently modifying existing visuals or vectors. You’re highly likely to wind up with a logo that isn’t unique. Far scarier, if your fresh logo is taken from somebody, you may face a costly copyright case. Picking low-cost logo design solutions on sites such as Fiver can expose you to identical logo designs.

May not be timeless

Your fresh logo would be seen all over. Business cards, mail signatures, posters, white sheets, social media pages, email campaigns, and other marketing materials throughout your site. A logo made using a standard design or theme may appear ‘on-trend’ this week; however, it will rapidly grow old-fashioned- and make your business appear exhausted.

You’ll have to spend more and more time getting everything updated once you eventually realize how much you dislike your logo 1 to 2 years later and plan to put money into a new design. Not to mention your clients’ absence of brand consistency.

It will be tiring to have many options

Free creations from 25, 50, or perhaps dozens of people — how cool is that?! Incorrect. The issue is that deciding among so many options is tiring, and if we are fatigued, we make poor selections. Cognitive weariness is to blame. Because your mind could only sift and process so many ideas in one go, even though there is a good logo among the various designs, you’ll most likely lose it.

There are no contacts between the customer and the designer

Each network enables you to host a design contest, distribute the basic logo creation requirements, and start the competition. But really, do you trust that if you ask “Alexa, draw,” somebody will pop up with the correct logo? In advertising and logo design, things do not operate that way.

So, in the end, I just wanted to say why not opt for a custom logo designin the beginning when eventually, at some point, you have to go there.