The ED Games Expo is the annual celebration and showcase of innovation in education, which is arranged by the Department of Education. This event is for students of all ages and different fieldsand even special education. This year, the event took place from January 8-10, 2020 in Washington. The different technologies demonstrated in the event of this year were developed by 115 teams. These teams received funding from 33 programs across the Federal government, along with seven Departments of Education programs.

A Showcase of Educational Learning Games and Technologies

The people who attended the event showed a variety of innovative technologies and learning games. The topics that were covered in this year’s event consisted of assistive technologies, data dashboards for professors, role-playing simulations, automated tutors, maker tools, augmented and virtual reality. The ED Games Expo event has grown over the years and has provided students with an opportunity to experience and demo new learning technologies.

Also, the industry and the government are changing the way through which students are involved in learning. This event initially started in 2013and has held curated panel sessions along with the main event. During recent years, the event has brought students as well as developers on the same platform, so they can discuss how the games were made.

In addition to this, the Expo event that took place this year was expanded to include a series of different events throughout the week, which focused on using innovation in technology. The main purpose of thisevent was to offer students a new and different learning opportunity. Furthermore, the event also planned to motivate stakeholders and developers to improve education by using these technologies.

Some of the important highlights of the event have been listed below:

Visits by Local Schools

26 different teams were formed that consisted of developers, who visited schools within the area and gave a demo about technologies and games to over 1,000 studentsin their classrooms and answered their questions regarding the process of game development.

Office Hours

25 representatives from research companies and 30 individuals from public companies held meetings with nearly 200 members of networking and public seeking information opportunities.

Showcase Events

Government, as well as experts, form the industry came together for the “Big Idea Talks”. Different topics were highlighted, such as learning games, technical education, sports, early learning, and special education.

Compass Games Expo 2020

The Compass Games Expo 2020 has been cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic. The expo planned on giving a chance to the players to play games for a longer period. The 2019 event was a great hit and people benefited from the event. As most war games are lengthy and can’t be completed within a day.

Moreover, the expo has also given opportunities to games of all models and makes, and was not specifically related to Compass Games. In this event, there are several options for a player and they can even play games with their friends. The dates of the next event, which will be held next year, will be announced soon.

Games for Middle School

The games that were displayed in this event were also for middle school students. These students were fascinated by the use of technology and the games in the event. This gave a chance to the middle school students to learn science and technology along with the 21st-century skills. The different games attracted students due to the storylines for exploring the phenomenon of science in an interactive way.

In addition to this, these students enjoyed their time and also got to learn from their experience. Hence, these events are proved to be successful if the skills of students are refined and they are given a chance to showcase their skills in a huge platform.

US Games Expo 2020 Dates

Due to the concerns that have taken place because of the novel virus, numerous Games Expo Events have been cancelled. The main reason for cancelling these events was to prevent the spread of the virus by avoiding large crowds and going to public places. The event that was supposed to happen on 18th-20th September 2020 was Ancient City Con in Florida. This event was a gaming conventionwith video gaming programming, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Anime.

The last gaming event of the year Holiday Mature 2020, which was supposed to take place during 18th-20th December 2020. This event has also been cancelled due to the same reason. The event was going to take place in Orlando and was a video gaming programming and costuming event. If you want to check other Games Expo event dates, visit this Cheap Essay website.

The ED Games Expo Week 2020 has remained a super hit event due to progress as well as innovation made in learningtechnologies. The event was held at the beginning of the year and was not affected by Coronavirus.

We can’t wait for the next year’s event and see what it’ll bring for us!